Free Spins

Free Spins

Free spins are awarded to players in a variety of different ways. When players are awarded free spins there are also positives and negatives that come into effect. We’re going to cover every aspect of free spins to make sure that you get up to speed with free spins and how they work.

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How to get Free Spins

There are lots of different ways that you can be awarded free spins through online casinos. The first method is the most common way that you will be awarded free spins, but is very different to the other methods that are available.

In Game Free Spins

When you’re playing a video slot, quite often there will be a bonus feature that awards you free spins that can be used in game. These free spins are only applicable for that game and can’t be saved between plays. There are also no wagering requirements or maximum wins set for these free spins, so they work in a very different way to other free spins.

They don’t count as a typical bonus or promotion as they are part of the game itself, but these are the most common free spins that you will see if you’re a video slot player.

Deposit Required Free Spins

Deposit required free spins are awarded to players when they make a deposit to their online casino account. These are usually given as a welcome bonus when players sign up, but can also be awarded as part of a reload bonus. The amount of free spins varies between online casinos, some give as few as 20 and some can give up to 300. Deposit required free spins tend to have wagering requirements applied to them, the requirements are put in place on any winnings that are created by the spins, rather than the value of the spins themselves. There also tends to be a maximum win that is placed on the spins.

No Deposit Free Spins

These are the most desirable of all free spins. They are awarded to players without them having to make a deposit. They are most often given out in smaller numbers than for deposit required free spins. These also usually have a wagering requirement in place which is also counted from the winnings as opposed to the value of the spins. Just like the deposit required free spins there will also be a maximum win put in place for the free spins.

No deposit required free spins are the rarest of all free spins. This is why players look out for them the most. Looking through our site will help you to find no deposit free spins at different online casinos when they’re available.

Wager Free Free Spins

After no deposit free spins these are the rarest free spins available. The reason that players look for these is because there are no wagering requirements applied to them. This means that any winnings that Canadian players are able to create with these free spins will be available to withdraw as real cash right away. No playthroughs means that players are free to do whatever they want with the winnings from the spins.

Free Spins Positives

The biggest positive of free spins is that it allows players to play video slot games without having to risk their bankroll. This is the case for every kind of free spin that’s available. From in game free spins to wager free free spins. The ability to grab a win without having to spend any money is always a positive for players in Canada.

Another positive is that it allows players to try out new releases without having to risk real money. New titles often take some time to get used to. Free spins give players the opportunity to try out the games and get used to the way it works.

It’s also good to be able to grab a nice win without having to spend any of your own money to do so. While the amount you can win is often limited, it still allows you to boost your bankroll which will help you to play for longer and potentially grab some even bigger prizes in the long run.

There are also no negatives at all for free spins that are awarded in game. This is because these free spins offer players free spins that have zero wagering requirements and zero limits on how much you can win. This makes them positive in every way for players.

Free Spins Negatives

The main negative of free spins is that players will have to complete wagering requirements in order to gain access to the winnings from them. Depending on the online casino that has awarded them, these wagering requirements can sometimes be very difficult to complete. That’s why we make sure to cover the ts & cs of bonuses in our casino reviews. This allows Canadian players to get the free spins with the fewest negatives in place.