Casino Bonus

Casino Bonus

Many online casinos that cater to online players will offer cash bonuses in an effort to lure you to join their casino.These can be quite lucrative for new and veteran online casino players.

There are three major groups of online casino bonuses: deposit bonuses, general bonuses, and ongoing bonuses.

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Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are bonuses you will receive after you have made a deposit with the casino.Online casinos will sometimes require a code to be entered when making the deposit to identify a particular bonus to be attached to your account.

- Matching Bonus
Matching bonuses are generated by adding a percentage bonus to your deposit amount.For example, a 100% matching bonus would double your deposit up to a certain amount.If you deposit $100 on a 100% matching bonus offer, you'd have $200 in your player account.These can be very lucrative for players and casinos.It is not uncommon to find 300% bonuses or more with newer casinos trying to establish a player base.

- Reload Bonus
Reload bonuses are similar to matching bonuses, except they are generally less lucrative and only apply to deposits made after your first deposit.These generally range from 10% to 100%, perhaps even more depending on the casino.

General Bonuses

General bonuses are bonuses you are eligible to receive without making a deposit.These bonuses usually have conditions attached to them which you will need to understand before signing up for an online casino player account.

- Sign Up Bonus
Sign up bonuses only require you to make a new account with the online casino.They are usually smaller in size, between $5 and $50 depending on the promotion and conditions.These are great bonuses to test out a new casino before making your own deposit.

- Sticky (or Rebound) Bonus
Sticky (or sometimes referred to as Rebound) bonuses are like sign up bonuses, except the casino takes back your initial bonus once the player reaches a certain condition.For example, they will credit your player account with $25 and then take $25 from your player account when you get to $50 or have wagered $1,000.Like the sign up bonus, this a good risk-free bonus to try out a new casino.

- Referral Bonus
Online casinos offer two styles of referral bonuses.Some will offer you a cash bonus for simply signing a new player up to the casino.Most however, require the referred player to make a qualifying deposit before you earn the referral cash bonus.If you have friends who enjoy online casino gaming, this is a great way to enjoy the fun together.

Ongoing Bonuses

- Cash Back Bonus
Cash back bonuses are one of the harder types of bonuses to find in the online casino world.These bonuses work to keep you wagering after you've lost your money by giving you a percentage of your losses back as cash.For example, a casino may give you a 1% cash back bonus.This means that for every $1,000 dollars you lose to the casino, they will give you $10.Cash back bonuses are normally reserved for high rollers that may have substantial player balances and wager a lot in a normal gaming session.

- Random Bonus
Random bonuses are exciting to receive, but you cannot control whether you will receive them.They are always unexpected.Newer online casinos offer random hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly prizes to anyone logged in and playing a game.These bonuses can range in size from $5 to $5,000 depending on the promotion at the time.

- Loyalty Bonus
Loyalty bonuses encourage players to play for extended periods of time by unlocking cash bonuses after certain wager requirements are met.For example, if you wager $1,000 the casino may give you a $5 cash bonus.After $5,000 wagered, the casino may give you $50.They literally pay you to be loyal to their online casino.

Terms and Conditions

Common complaints from online casino players is that they did not receive their online casino bonus.This is common because casinos make the terms and conditions of the bonuses overly complicated.It is always recommended that you read the terms and conditions of any bonus that is offered to you.Many require you to wager a certain amount of money before they are released, while others may require you to log into the casino a pre-determined amount of times within a particular timeframe.The best way to make the most of online casino bonuses is to read and abide by the terms and conditions; that way you will never miss a bonus payout!

Playing your casino bonusOfcourse you can always decline the bonus and play without bonus.