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Live casino

A live dealer casino offers players the suspense and experience normally reserved for a regular brick and mortar casino, but offers the fluidity and ease of an online casino. This creates a truly engaging and exciting environment for players who wish to have an experience as close to the real in-person experience as possible.

What types of games are offered at a Live Casino?

As can be imagined, a live casino has a higher overhead cost to run the live dealer feature in their casino. This usually means online casinos will limit their use to only certain table games and certain limits that can cover the cost of running the game(s) and still earn them a profit. The games typically offered via a live dealer include Blackjack, Roulette, and casino

Live Casino Benefits

More interactive

A live casino allows players to chat and sometimes speak with the dealer hosting your game. This allows you to engage in conversation and make the experience more interactive. With some online casinos, you’re even able to communicate with other players. The immersive experience is unrivaled within the online casino industry.

More exclusive

For many online players, the more exclusive a table or event, the better it is received. Live casino games are generally some of the most exclusive. As a result, the online casino will offer tremendous bonuses and promotions to get you playing their live games. These bonuses could be deposit bonuses, play bonuses, a higher VIP point accumulation multiplier, or random giveaways and draws.

Longer play sessions

Players will be able to play for more time at a live table versus an automated table with the same bankroll. This is because a live dealer has to physically deal and shuffle cards, whereas an automated game does it immediately behind the scenes a lot quicker. For your typical online casino player, this translates into more fun and excitement at a live dealer game.

Live Casino Drawbacks

Need adequate computer hardware and a stable internet connection

Most online casinos cater to all players, regardless of how robust their computer may be. However, with live dealers you are watching a live stream of the dealer. If you lose your connection or can’t properly view the feed, you won’t be able to enjoy the experience. Most online casinos will list their system requirements. Always review this before depositing money.

Higher stakes

Due to the costs associated with running a live casino, the games offered are normally at higher stakes than the normal online casino games. The average bet at a Blackjack table for example starts at $5, versus $0.25 options at an automated Blackjack table. However, there are indeed some casinos that do offer betting limits starting at $1 for live dealers.

Slower play

The live dealer will always shuffle and deal slower than a computer can. Therefore, live dealer games can sometimes be slower in play than other games. In a live game, you will almost always be playing with other players. This means you will need to wait for them to make their decisions as well. For serious gamblers, this means less games played over the course of play.



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