Are You Ready to Take on the £1,500 Missions at Mr Green

Are You Ready to Take on the £1,500 Missions at Mr Green

At Mr Green, there’s something new and exciting that can meet the demands or exceed the expectations of Canadian players. Whether in the form of new campaigns or fresh games from its partners, Mr Green Casino never fails to impress the industry. This February, Mr Green is again taking the lead in offering some of the best casino experiences. 


This February, all new and regular customers of the casino can take part in the £1,500 Missions, a promotional campaign where players compete in the tournament for a shot to take the leadership pole and collect the prizes. Available until February 27, 2020, this promotion challenges Canadian players to take on the mission to play, collect spins, and earn the cash prize!


Take Part in the Mission by Completing These Steps


This new campaign offers some players, locations, and game restrictions. But for Canadian players, this offer gets the ‘green signal’ and the majority of the games are part of the offer. In this campaign, the main challenge is to participate in missions and collect the best score (instant wins) from 10 slot spins. If your score or win is significant enough, your name and amount will be listed in the leaderboard. The top 15 scorers based on the winnings will get a share of the prize pool. For your complete guidance, here are the steps you can take to participate in the promotion:


1. Create a Mr Green account or log in to your account.

2. Opt-in to signify your intent to join the missions.

3. Select one of the participating games to learn more about the campaign and the objectives you need to complete.

4. Play and spin for the biggest scores.


Four Missions to Play and Complete


This promotion starts February 16 and runs until February 27. During this campaign, there are four missions that you can complete and for each mission, there’s a specific slot game to play. Here’s a look at the different missions to play and complete.


1. First Mission. This mission runs from February 16 to 19 with ‘Ecuador Gold’ as the game to play.

2. Second Mission. This mission runs from February 19 to 22 with ‘Tahiti Gold’ as the game to play.

3. Third Mission. This mission runs from February 22 to 25 with ‘Cygnus’ as the game to play.

4. Fourth Mission. This mission runs from February 25 to 27 with ‘Micro Knights’ as the game to play.


If you participate in a mission, pay attention to the start and end of the campaign. Each mission of Mr Green ends at 22:59 GMT on the last day.


How Much Will You Get?


The total prize pool for this campaign is £1,500 and this amount shall be shared by the Top 15 players of the leaderboard. If you end up in the first place, you can collect £500. If you managed to land in second place, you earn £300. And when you land in the third spot, you earn £200. And even if you are ‘only included’ in the 4th to 15th place, you can still collect a prize.