My opinion on legalizing online gambling in Canada?

The vast majority of online gambling sites were strictly prohibited from operating in Canada until 2009. However, the law or the perhaps the lack there of didn’t prevent Canadians from betting on an array of online casinos based abroad. As a matter of fact, the Canadian Criminal Code does not consider people gambling at offshore casinos to be criminals. That said every province has the authority to recognize, license, regulate and permit their own online gambling websites. For instance, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a regulatory entity responsible for regulating online casinos in the country and happens to be the most preferred in other parts of the world. A March 2010 survey by Ipsos Reid showed that 55% of Canadians supported the idea of internet gambling being allowed and regulated by the Canadian government. But what impact will a legal framework for online gambling have is a question that many experts are asking.

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Earnings and income taxes

Currently the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), states that revenue or money earned from gambling at online casinos is not taxable and so it does not have to be reported. Though revenues generated via business relating to online casinos are taxable. The definition and the implementation is not clear mainly because the current instruments to detect and implement the law are not in place. Though things will have to change since many players in Canada and even those that have moved to Canada from America to play banned online games like poker professionally online will need to be taxed. Plus, opening up online casinos in Canada would mean that there should be strict regulation in place that prevents underage players from circumventing the system.

A need for a cohesive framework

The current state of online gambling in Canada is a mishmash of various state regulations that have varying rules for charity gaming, lotteries, and horseracing as well as sports betting. However, on the flip side online casino gaming is strictly outlawed in Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. This is what contributes to the vast number of people who feel confused as to if they can gamble online and if so what types of games can they play. Also, international casino operators are hesitant to enter Canada because it's nearly impossible to block sections or parts of a website in varying provinces. All of this will have to change!

Like in parts of Europe, there is the dire need for a central framework for online casinos that’s implemented across Canada. Minor differences could mean the startup capital variations for a new casino, the bonuses offered and the establishment of a physical office from where the casino operates within each state. There could be a potential tie in with land based Canadian casinos to their online counterparts. This is the only way that online gambling has a future in Canada. Plus, by encouraging online casinos to operate in Canada the government could stand to collect millions in taxes each year from both players and establishments alike. Though right now Canadians play but online casinos give nothing to the Canadian government, so it’s a loss for the national exchequer.

Competition will drive innovation

Today a limited number of casinos operating in some parts of Canada look to be encouraging but the lack of competition means that these casinos are mediocre at best. I personally think that more casinos will drive innovation like it has in parts of the EU. This will mean more games for players, better bonuses, and improved customer service, all of which is good for everyone.

5 years onwards

Canadian gambling is a big deal, there are thousands of Canadians that want and continue to gamble online. However, even by modest estimates it will take another 5 years for Canadian casinos to really get the attention they deserve and that will only be possible if the government puts up the right legal framework that benefits both casino operators and players alike. Till then Canadians will have to just trust offshore online casinos that continue to offer improved bonuses, better customer service and a large selection of games but which are not regulated by Canada.

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Good blog and I agree on your opinion. It was a big surprise for me that PlayOlg came online with a licensed online casino, leaving the competitors behind. I am for a open market with the right of every company, that is caring for their players, to join/apply for a license!

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