High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos

A high roller bonus is a form of promotion that’s offered to players who make larger deposits at online casinos. These can come as both welcome bonuses or as regular promotions. Some online casinos will offer a high roller bonus in the form of long term bonuses, such as a VIP scheme. We have looked over all of the most common high roller bonuses that are available to Canadian players at online casinos and put together a guide to help you see if the high roller bonus is right for you.

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High Roller Welcome Bonus

A high roller welcome bonus is one that’s offered to players who make larger deposits for their initial deposits at an online casino. These usually offer players certain benefits over the regular welcome bonuses. An example of this could be the standard welcome bonus offer gives players a 100% matched bonus up to a maximum of $500. The high roller welcome bonus might offer players a 150% matched bonus up to a maximum of $5,000.

This obviously means that players have to make a higher level of deposit in order to gain access to the bonus, but at the same time the player gets back a higher level of bonus.

It’s not guaranteed that players will get this specific benefit from the high roller bonus, it could offer relaxed wagering requirements or other benefits. This differs from casino to casino.

High Roller Reload Bonus

This is very similar to the high roller welcome bonus, except it is applied to the deposits that players make on a weekly basis. As a regular promotion this offers players the ability to get increased levels of bonus from deposits, when larger deposits are made.

It depends on the casino as to how this bonus is applied. Some will give it to players through regular promotions that are offered each week. Some will only offer them on special occasions and run a specific promotion for the high roller bonus.

VIP Schemes

VIP schemes are the most common way that online casinos will offer players a high roller bonus. This is awarded over the long term. When players are members of an online casino for a long time, they will build up points. The more points that are earned the higher up the scales in the VIP scheme the player will rise. This will then give the players access to more of the rewards that are available. VIP schemes award points based on the games that are played more than the deposits made. So, if a player is able to grab some large scale wins and manage their bankroll properly, it is possible to make it to the higher levels of a VIP scheme without making huge deposits. However, it is unlikely and will usually require larger deposits to be made.

The kind of rewards that are available in VIP schemes range from free spins, reload bonuses, VIP managers and cashback to prizes which can include holidays. If you manage to get to the higher levels of the VIP scheme then it can be extremely rewarding.

Positives of High Roller Bonuses

One of the biggest positives of a high roller bonus is that players are able to get more benefits than a standard player would. This is most often in the form of a higher percentage awarded as the matched bonus, but can also include lower wagering requirements and increased limits on what can be won with the bonus. Lower wagering requirements are an extremely positive benefit because this makes it easier for players to get access to any winnings that they accrue from the bonus amount.

Another benefit comes in the form of the ability to utilize different bankroll management strategies. Because the bonus that the player receives is significantly higher, it means that players who want to carry out a more aggressive strategy are able to get the benefits that this brings.

Some high roller players also get the ability to enter into VIP tournaments. This will also provide players with chances to grab more prizes than standard players.

Negatives of High Roller Bonuses

The main negative of high roller bonuses is that players have to make larger deposits in order to get access to them. This means that instantly a large proportion of players are unable to get access to them. While the high roller bonuses at online casinos are significantly lower than in a brick and mortar casino, they could still be too high for players to be able to access.

Another disadvantage is that the wagering requirements can sometimes end up impossible to reach. Even though some online casinos will lower the wagering requirements for high roller bonuses, the large value of the bonuses can often make it hard to achieve the requirements. This is why a sensible and effective bankroll management strategy is vital in order to carry out the requirements.