Online Casino Random Bonus

Online Casino Random Bonus

There are many different types of bonuses available at online casinos, but sometimes the best bonuses of all are the ones you simply don’t expect. Indeed while you normally expect to get a welcome bonus, a cash back bonus and various loyalty bonuses, a random bonus can give you a lift when you need it most.

However, what is the real reason that online casinos give random bonuses and what different types of random bonuses can you expect to find? We investigate.

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What types of random bonus are there?

Perhaps the most common type of random bonus at online casinos is the opportunity to make a free spin when you are playing a slot game. These are normally placed within the regular cycle of the game itself and are actually not as random as they appear – they are selected to appear at certain intervals. Nevertheless, if you have not been successful with your spin, then the opportunity to go again is always welcome.

Other random bonuses available at online casinos include cash bonuses. This can see “money” deposited into your account. However, this is not money that you can withdraw – it is effectively credit that can be used as a deposit on further game play.

Why do online casinos offer random bonuses?

Of course, online casinos are not offering random bonuses just because they care about their customers – on the contrary, they want to ensure that you keep playing.

Imagine you’re playing a slots game and you’re losing… you might be ready to stop wagering. However, a random free spin gives you an incentive to push on and keep going. Similarly, cash bonuses that apply towards future game play give you the urge to play again – especially if you haven’t played in a while. You’re encouraged to get “back in the game” with the idea that you’re not really gambling your own money. However, of course, chances are that you will eventually supplement the random bonus received from the casino with money of your own.

So how should you approach random bonuses?

Simply put, random bonuses should be approached with caution. Yes, they are a nice boost and, if you’re playing anyway, they should be seen as something extra and a welcome lift. However, remember that the casino wants to encourage you to keep playing – and a random bonus is a simple way to do it. So, only use random bonuses within your own means – gamble responsibly at all times.