Online casino reload bonuses

Online casino reload bonuses

"What is a reload bonus," is a question our team gets fairly often. A reload bonus is an interesting promotion that you'll find at a lot of different online casinos, especially the ones we review and recommend. But what a reload bonus is can be differently explained depending on who you asked, so we decided to give you the most straightforward answer you'll find online so that you know exactly what you're getting into if it's offered by an online casino Canada that you prefer.

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What is a Reload Bonus?

A reload bonus is like pretty much every other type of deposit-matching bonus that an online casino offers. Whatever the reload bonus may be, be it 25% or 100%, it will have an "up to" amount and a given percentage. This means that the casino will match your deposit up to that amount by that certain percentage. Let's say the reload bonus is 25% up to $100. To take advantage of the offer and get the maximum amount, you would simply deposit $400 and use the reload bonus promo code. You would then have $500 of real money to play with since the casino matched your deposit by 25%.

A Reload Bonus vs a Welcome Bonus

A reload bonus is basically the Welcome Bonus for players that have already been playing at the casino. Rather than it being a way to entice new people to register, it's a way to keep your current players — not only happy and to ensure they don't take their money elsewhere — depositing. If you have money to bet with already in your bankroll, it wouldn't make much sense to deposit more…unless the online casino is offering you free money just for doing it.

Why are Reload Bonuses on Specific Days?

Reload Bonuses are promotions, and promotions at online casinos are the same as promotions at any other type of company in that if they were always on offer, they wouldn't do much of anything in the way of enticement. If you know that whenever you want to deposit, you'll get the free money on specific days, it doesn't push you to do it. Marketing definitely has its advantages for the user, but the motivation of the company is always to make money, and that again applies to all industries.

Why is It Called a "Reload Bonus?"

A reload bonus is meant to "reload" your bankroll. Like anything else one would "reload," this bonus helps put more of what the bankroll holds into the bankroll. It's actually a particularly appropriate title specifically because players will most often take advantage of it when they still have money in the bankroll but want to boost it (or reload it) to get it to where they want to go, especially if they're players who meticulously start with the same budget. With that being said, if you do run out of money in your bankroll and the reload bonus offer is coming up in a few days, we would recommend not playing until that day comes around. If you jump the gun, that's a red flag for problem gambling unless you don't take advantage of bonuses.

What are the Typical Terms and Conditions of a Reload Bonus?

An understandable question would be: "Should I take advantage of the reload bonus?" This definitely depends on whether or not you're willing to go through the stipulations required before you can make a withdrawal. No matter where you play, the online casino will require you to bet a certain amount before you can withdraw if you take advantage of any promotion, and not only that, but you'll often have to bet on specific games. For example, they may have the standard 35x rollover requirement, which would mean that if you deposited $400 for that aforementioned 25%, you would have $500, and have to bet at least 35 times that ($17,500) before you can withdraw, and only Slots could apply to 100% of it, while Video Poker or Blackjack would only apply to 25% or even 0% of it.