Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It's important to have the concept of the casino bonus terms and conditions explained, as terms and conditions apply to every online casino promotion without exception. We have the full lowdown on the wagering requirements, so while it's briefly explained here, it's extensively spelled out in that guide. But the casino bonus terms and conditions explained stems beyond the wagering requirement, as there is always a good number of stipulations players should be aware of before they take advantage of any online casino Canada promotions.

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Deposit Minimums and Bonus Maximums Terms

All online casinos will have deposit minimums, but some will have a minimum that applies specifically to the bonus. For example, if the deposit minimum for the casino in general is $10, the Welcome Bonus minimum could be $25. In that same vein, the casino will always match your deposits up to a certain amount, but their maximum deposit might be higher. If you go for a bonus and want to deposit the max, we recommend not depositing more than that until you reach the rollover requirement of the max deposit-match or run out of money.

Wagering Requirement Conditions

Again, we have this specific bonus term and condition explained more in depth in a different article, as they admittedly affect players more than any of the other stipulations. To give you the brief lowdown, the wagering requirement, also known as the rollover requirement, indicates the amount of money you need to bet in order to be able to withdraw the winnings. This is indicated by a number multiplier, and it can range from 20x to 50x, with the average seeming to hover around 35x. That multiplier applies to both your deposit and the amount matched by the casino, so if you deposit $50 and they match it by 100%, you'd have $100. If the rollover requirement is 35x, you'd have to bet $3,500 in order to then withdraw your money.

Game Bet Contribution Conditions

This is probably the most obnoxious aspect and what we feel is the biggest indicator of whether or not you should take advantage of casino bonuses in general. With most online casino Canada options, the Slots and specialty games like Keno apply 100% to the rollover requirement, while games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Video Poker will only apply to 10% or even 0%. If you don't exclusively or at least primarily play Slots at the online casino, it's almost a certainty that you should avoid the bonus. The more promising bonuses beyond the Slots and standard promotions are the ones that apply to sports betting, because you know betting on sports will apply 100% to the bonus. If it doesn't, that's probably a casino you want to avoid.

Terms and Conditions for Specific Players

This is a quick and pretty obvious one. Welcome Bonuses will only apply to new players, and the offer will expire after a certain number of days or hours after you register. Another term and condition outside of the bonus is the one regarding inactive accounts. If you don't login or play for a certain amount of time, they will either disable the account or start charging a monthly fee. This will be distinctly explained in the T&Cs section, and they'll almost assuredly notify you if you're nearing that point.

Terms and Conditions are Promotion-Specific

It's extremely important to look at the terms and conditions as they apply to the specific casino game. For example, the first Welcome Bonus could have a 25x rollover requirement, while the second could have twice that or half that. Don't make the mistake of assuming that all the stipulations apply to all the games. As another example, the refer a friend promotion could come with no rollovers and apply to how much your friend deposits, while a reload bonus will have the same rollover rate as the Welcome Bonus. It's not possible to read too into it. Unlike an iTunes terms of service, the T&Cs at an online casino absolutely will affect you.

We hope this was well explained, but even still, it's not covering every base. Go to the online casino Canada of your choice's appropriate section and read through everything they list. It's worth it.