How to play keno

How to play keno

Keno is a game offered at most live and online casinos around the world because of its popularity and ease of play.There are several different variations of Keno used around the world, including lottery games, slot machine games, and table games.It is a very easy game to play and learn; it is best described as a combination of Bingo and traditional lottery games.

The object of the game is to match as many numbers as you can with the numbers randomly drawn by a dealer, or the house.

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How to play?

To play Keno, you will need to first have to select numbers between 1-80 on a player's card or machine.You must mark down all of the numbers you wish to pick and submit your card or entry.The specific rules on the minimum and maximum numbers you must pick to play will vary depending on the casino you are playing at, but the normal maximum will be 10 numbers.Some casinos will allow you to bet up to 20 numbers.The amount of numbers you choose will determine both the minimum amount of numbers you need to match in order to win a prize, and the specific payouts for each amount of numbers matched.

Once you have marked down all of your numbers and submitted them the draw will begin.In a live casino, the draw will be done using a case holding 80 balls.There will be one ball for each number in the game.These balls will be drawn at random and exactly 20 numbers will be drawn.Players will compare the numbers drawn with the numbers they selected.Players who match the minimum amount of numbers for a payout will be paid based on the pay table for that game.The more numbers a player matches the higher the payout.

Standard Keno Pay Table for 10 Numbers Wagered

Numbers HitCredits Paid

The pay tables for Keno can change from casino to casino.Some casinos will even offer players a variety of pay tables depending on the variation of the Keno game being played.Some casinos may also offer unique and specialized side bets that players may participate in for nominal bets.This may include things like 5 successive numbers being drawn, every multiple of 10 being drawn, or other interesting combinations.With these varying payouts and side bets, the casino's edge can drastically change from one casino to the next.Players are encouraged to look at various Keno games before determining which one to play - there will surely be one that will appeal to you.

Online versus Live Keno

Online casino Keno can be more lucrative than live casino Keno because the cost to run the Keno game is a lot less in an online casino than a live casino.There are no dealers, there are no machines, and there is no building overhead costs in an online casino.

Online casino Keno games are also generally much faster than live Keno.In live Keno, players may need to physically fill out a number selection ticket and submit it at a kiosk for processing with their bet.In the online casino, you would select your numbers immediately on screen and then the game would proceed.This presents more opportunities for the player to win, and provides the casino more volume overall.Online Keno is also played at the player's pace.They can play from the comfort of their home or anywhere else and bet at whatever stakes they prefer.