Ascot roulette strategy

Ascot roulette strategy

Focusing on the double or nothing bets of the Roulette table, the Ascot Strategy has nothing to do with racehorses or clothing. This one involves betting on the bets that pay out 1 to 1, which are the most likely to pay out, but pay out the smallest amount. This means that it could also be utilized when you’re playing Blackjack, as well as the double or nothing bets on the Craps table. Also, the Ascot Strategy can be used at both online games and offline games, as it involves only the complete randomness and odds payout of the game.

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How It Works

Start by setting a unit value, which can be $1 up to as much as whatever you like depending on your budget. You can determine the unit value after you learn how the system works and have an idea of how much you might end up risking. You then set a sequence of numbers, which most commonly consists of seven, nine, or eleven numbers total, and the sequence should be made up of mostly odd numbers. The most common sequence is 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, and 30.

When you start betting, you start with the center number, which is why an odd number of sequence numbers is recommended. In the most common aforementioned sequence, the number 8 would be the middle number, so you would start there. If you set your unit value to $1, you would start with an $8 bet. It doesn’t matter which of the 1 to 1 odds bets you make, be it Odd or Even, Black or Red, etc. If you win, you go a step forward in the sequence, and if you lose, you would go a step backwards. For example, if you start with $8 and win, you would then bet $13. If you start with $8 and lose, you bet $5. When you reach 30 units, you stay there until you lose and go back down, and you stay at 2 units until you win and go back up. You stay within the sequence to ensure a minimizing of losses in the long term during a losing streak, while profiting well in the long term if you go on a winning streak.


Easy to learn and the risks are pretty low, the Ascot System is one of our personal favourites. We love that it rewards players for going on winning streak, while also encouraging they don’t push their luck by continuing to raise their bet after the last sequence number, unlike many other betting systems. We also like the fact that it allows for a little bit of extra freedom. You don’t have to stick to the sequence we laid out, and you can experiment with different kinds as you go. If you’re unsure about the effectiveness or you ability to utilize it, you can play Roulette for free at a lot of online casinos before you even deposit or register so you can test it out or practice without risking your personal bankroll.