Pivot Strategy

Pivot Strategy

They say the pocket the ball lands in on a Roulette spin holds no bearing on where the ball will land on the next spin. Most Roulette systems, for that reason, function under the assumption that each ball lands in a pocket completely at random. Right off the bat, we should make it clear that this is 100% definitely the case with online Roulette systems. So much so that the ball spinning around the wheel is just for the thrill and realism of the game. It might as well just tell you the number and the color the second you click spin, but that would take a lot of the fun out of it.

Anyway, the Pivot Strategy is designed specifically for a land-based casino. This because it operates under the assumption that the dealer spins the ball in a routine-like pattern.

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How it Works

Before you even place a bet, take a pen and paper and write down each number that the ball lands in. You can do one of two things: write down 35 spins, or place a bet the moment a number repeats. If you choose the former, you place a bet on a number that was repeated in the 35 spins, and for the latter, you place a bet on the number that was repeated. Continue to place that same bet on that number either until it hits or after 35 spins. If it hits within 35 spins, you will profit. Be cautious about how much you start betting with, because even a $5 bet would run you up $175 if that number doesn’t hit. You might have a tough time finding a table minimum lower than that. If it doesn’t hit in that amount of spins, you can either stop and choose a different number that was repeated, or you can continue to bet on that number until it hits. This means that you need to be keeping track of the numbers that the ball lands in even when you have your first number selected. It also means that you should set a timer for yourself. You should also set a limit, but that goes for any gambling at any capacity playing any game, with a strategy or without.

The Concept Behind It

Dealers work long hours, and they have plenty of experience at the Roulette wheel, so they will get into a rhythm. Since the Roulette wheel is spinning at a consistent pace, each round of Roulette will take generally the same amount of time give or take. and the Dealer will spin the ball with a force at a near subconscious level, the ball could presumably land in roughly the same section of wheel each time. This strategy, like all Roulette strategies, isn’t guaranteed to work by any stretch, but many players have had good luck with it.


On the plus side, the Pivot Strategy is logical, it doesn’t burn through your bankroll that dramatically since it’s fixed betting, and it’s easy to employ. The cons are that you can’t use it online, it can all go out the window with the slightest of change in the dealer’s spin. Most importantly, like all Roulette systems, it could be utter poppycock.