A night out slots game

A night out slots game

It’s been around for quite a while, but the A Night Out slots game has retained its popularity: perhaps because the idea behind this game is so simple. It’s all based around a red hot night out in a bustling metropolis: and who can resist the bevvy of beauties that you can choose from?

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Where did the A Night Out slots game come from?

Playtech is one of the most well-known and well-respected online casino games manufacturers in the world. A Night Out has become one of its most popular offerings with 20 pay-lines across the classic five reels.

One notable feature of the A Night Out game

If you choose to play A Night Out then take notice of whether you’re doing so at an online casino or at a mobile offering. If you are opting for the online casino version then you can enjoy maximum bets of $1,000 – this compares to the mobile version which is actually set at just $2. Meanwhile, the minimum bet with the online casino version is $2 – and with the mobile version it is just 20 cents. So your risk aversion should perhaps dictate which option you choose when you decide to play.

Of course, with the mobile version, as the bets are lower you actually have more opportunities to win: so perhaps if you’re not feeling particularly well-off at the moment but still wish to take a gamble or two, you can give A Night Out a try.

What are the special features of A Night Out slots game?

There are several notable symbols to keep your eyes peeled for:

- Pint of Beer: This will act as your wild symbol and can be used to substitute any other symbols with the exception of the bonus and the scatter. It can potentially help you achieve wins as high as 10,000.

- Woman on a dance floor: This is the scatter icon and could multiply the total bet – from five times up to 50 times.

- Bartender: This acts as the bonus symbol and on both the fifth and first reels will start a bonus game that gives you the chance to receive free spins and enjoy a multiplier.

- Dollar Ball jackpot: For this you will need to use the enable button which appears just below the dollar ball jackpot. It gives you the chance to choose from five numbers and every time you play the number you draw will appear above the chosen number. When your number matches that selection a winning amount will appear. It is also possible to win the jackpot when all of your numbers match those that you draw.