Benefits of Using the Autoplay

Benefits of Using the Autoplay

Everyone has their own unique strategy when it comes to playing online casino games. Thanks to being able to play in the privacy of home or on the go, no one else has to be around to weigh in. But beyond that, you’ll also get some options you won’t find at a brick-and-mortar casino that can change things up with your strategy. One of those better special features is the Autoplay option.

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What Is Autoplay?

For Slots, the Autoplay button will be located below the reels and normally opposite the Spin button. When you click on it, options will pop up, and you can go through each option one by one. To start, you’ll want to select the number of spins you want the game to automatically spin for you in a row. This can be anywhere from five to a thousand spins, one after the other, but you can also choose for the game to start if you win a Jackpot, or if a win pays out more than a set value. In fact, you can even have Autoplay stop any time you win at all. Other options include stopping if your bankroll balance increases or decreases by a specific amount. As well as the highly recommended option for Autoplay to stop if a feature is triggered. The Autoplay function can be found for Scratch Cards as well.

Benefit of Budgeting

One of the key benefits to Autoplay is the budgeting aspect. It’s a great way to keep track automatically rather than manually of how much you’ve bet. Abouthow many times you’ve spun, how much your balance has increased or decreased by, and so on. By setting these parameters before you even start, you can practice responsible gambling without having to actually keep track or get into the flow of it. It feels like you should keep going even though you know you’ve reached your limit. For this reason alone, Autoplay is highly recommended, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Benefit of Convenience

Let’s be real, the idea of doing Autoplay would mean that you can just kick back and relax while the game plays itself. You can jump into action if a feature is unlocked so that you have more control over the outcome if it’s a “pick one of these options” type of bonus game. Who doesn’t want to press Spin when they’re the free bonus multiplier spins? And if your initial motivation to do Autoplay were to make sure you’re staying within your budget, this would be the most convenient way to do it rather than keep careful track of each spin one by one in your head or by writing it down.

Benefit of Not Interrupting Your Flow

Superstitions don’t work only if you lose. If you win, who’s to say it’s not because of the superstitious practice? With Slots, one of the more common superstitions is to not take a break when you’re on a winning streak and to instead keep going in that same rhythmic motion. But what if you have to go to the bathroom or answer the telephone? That’s where Autoplay can come in, where you can have it go for a handful of spins until you get back, but stop if you unlock a bonus game or other special feature.