X-Men slots game

X-Men slots game

It’s one of the most popularMarvel comics and movie franchises, and now X-Men has come to the online casino world in the form of a fabulous slots game that is sure to keep keen game players and fans of the franchise alike, highly entertained.

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Where has the X-Men slots game come from?

The X-Men slots game is part of the Playtech line-up: Playtech is one of the most highly respected and internationally renowned online casino software designers and manufacturers.

It revolves around a 25-line five-reel game with a bunch of extra features, including: scatter symbols, wild and additional wild symbols, free games, an X-feature as well as a Marvel progressive jackpot across multiple levels. Of course the X-Men line-up is at the centre of the game with heroes including Nightcrawler, Professor X, Cyclops, Storm and Professor X. Meanwhile the opposition are also represented in the slots game in the form of Lady Deathstrike, Magneto, Sabretooth, Mystique and Juggernaut.

What are the special features of the X-Men slots game?

Look out for a host of cool features with the X-Men slots game. They include:

- Introductory screen: This includes the heroes and villains inviting the players to the battle.

- Wild bonus: This symbol can fit in for any other, with the exception of the scatter symbol and can create the best possible chance to win. You can also enjoy a special pay-out if you get two – or even more – wild symbols across an active pay-line.

- Scatter bonus: This is picked up with two – or, yes, even more – scatter symbols, which take the form of X-Men logos. Each pay-out can multiply each gamble.

- X-Feature: This can occur when a regular spin takes place. It allows five Hero symbols to make up an X across the second, third and fourth reels. Hero symbols that form X symbols cannot be identical and when this feature takes place you get an extra win at five times the total bet.

- Free Games: Each free game comes into play when you land three – or yes, more than three – scatters in the form of X-Men logos. They can appear anywhere across the reels.

- Heroes mode: During a heroes mode, the free games countdown pauses and the reel spins. The symbols are all heroes, with Magneto taking the form of extra wild. When it occurs on the third reel the gameplay moves across to villains mode.

- The Villains mode: Each reel will spin downwards with the number of spins decreasing per spin. All of the symbols are villains from the franchise with the exception of Professor X, which is the extra wild and reverts the game over to heroes mode.

Needless to say, if you enjoy the movie or the comic, you’re likely to enjoy the game.