Betsoft software

Betsoft software

Betsoft has been around the iGaming market for more than 20 years now. Although this makes it one of the older companies, it hasn’t really been well known to Canadian players for much of this time. This is due to a number of changes that took place in the operation of the company. After switching up where it was based it started to undergo a period of fast growth which has led to it becoming one of the bigger software developers on the market.

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Betsoft Overview

Betsoft was first formed in 1999 in England. With England not being known as a hotbed of iGaming development, it operated without significant growth for quite a while. Things changed when Betsoft made the move to Malta in 2006. From here Betsoft was able to operate with a bit more freedom and started to innovate to a much higher level. This led to some extreme growth for the company which took off around a decade ago. The release of the groundbreaking Slot3 range of titles is what exploded the growth for Betsoft and introduced the company to Canadian players as an innovative and forward thinking company.

Betsoft Main Focus

Betsoft tends to have a dedication to providing players with a wide range of innovative games. It was one of the first companies to utilize 3D graphics within its slot titles. This came through the Slot3 range of games which used some incredible graphics, especially when compared to other video slot titles on the market. This meant that Betsoft games stood out from other games and gave players a great looking alternative to some of the more pedestrian looking games that were around. The aim of providing high quality visuals was certainly achieved with the Slot3 range.

In fact Betsoft was so successful with the Slot3 range that it expanded its focus to include a complete range of 3D titles. Poker3 is the most popular of the new ranges that were introduced. It offers players the opportunity to play in a completely 3D environment and enjoy the fun of playing Poker. It’s evident that the success of the 3D games created by Betsoft has encouraged the company to continue creating more games in this vein as it continues to be a popular choice with players.

Betsoft Most Popular Games

As already mentioned the Slot3 range of games have been particularly successful for betsoft. This means that the most popular games for the company all come from this range. Canadian players will be generally aware of most of the popular games that Betsoft has to offer due to the overall popularity of the Slot3 range. Here are some of the more prominent Slot3 games that Betsoft has to offer:

- The Slotfather Part II
- Giovani’s Gems
- Blood Eternal
- Sin City Nights
- Stampede

Of course these are just the video slot titles that Betsoft has to offer. There are also an incredible range of different table games and other casino games available from the company.

What Makes Betsoft Stand out?

What really stands out about Betsoft is that it has always attempted to innovate with its titles. This started when it was one of the first companies to introduce 3D graphics to video slots. Before Betsoft most developers felt that 3D graphics weren’t possible due to memory limitations at online casinos. Betsoft showed that this wasn’t the case and it helped the company to grow at a fast rate. The improved graphics meant that Betsoft games looked much more appealing to Canadian players when they were compared to other games on the market. Of course, graphics aren’t the most important thing when it comes to games, but they are an integral aspect when it comes to creating a high quality game. Betsoft understood this and combined superb features with high quality graphics.

It’s always attempted to be an innovator on the market. This has helped Betsoft to stay near the top of the market over the last decade. With a continued dedication to innovation there is a very good chance that Betsoft will continue to be a major player over the next decade too. It’s combination of gameplay and beautiful aesthetics means that it will always leave a positive first impression on players.

Overall Conclusion

Betsoft has had a long and storied career within the iGaming world. It took some time to get really hot, but once it got into its stride it has grown at a fantastic rate. Known as an innovator when you play a Betsoft title you know that you will be getting something fresh and exciting. It has an excellent reputation with both Canadian players and online casino operators. Meaning that the Betsoft name usually evokes positive words. It’s been around for a long time, so when you play a Betsoft title you know that you will be getting a game that has been created through years of experience.

Overall, Betsoft is a fantastic software developer that always puts out top tier titles to the market.