Online casinos with Flash

Online casinos with Flash

Anyone who wants to play at an online casino might be put off by the idea of downloading large amounts of software on to their system. However, that isn’t necessary if you choose a Flash casino. In fact, online casinos with Flash have also become known as “no download casinos”.

So how do these casinos work and are they just as good as the online casinos that require downloads? We investigate.

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How does Flash work at online casinos?

Generally, the quality of Flash online casino games will revolve around how good your internet connection is and how fast your computer is. Those who have a weak connection or a slow computer can suffer frustrations with Flash – although it can be argued that Flash is still a better choice than downloading large amounts of software if you are in this predicament.

Most online casinos offer both a full download version and a Flash version. In the case of Flash casinos, the software will run with Flash technology and the entertainment and quality on offer is just the same with state-of-the-art graphics.

In addition, Flash casinos are based on your internet browser. This means that the player will enjoy their favourite game whether they are using a Mac, Linux or Windows.

What games are available at Flash casinos?

There are 100s of games available at online casinos with Flash: and they are generally just as extensive as software download versions. This means that you can find roulette, baccarat, poker, craps, blackjack and a host of slot and scratch games at Flash casinos. Games are often available both in real money and free mode. Generally, most people play Flash games against a computer rather than against other players.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Flash casinos?

Simply put, online casinos with Flash were designed for those who either do not want, or do not have the possibility, to download games on to their computer. For example, you can save from 100-250Mb of hard drive space by not downloading games directly on to your computer: potentially saving precious space for additional processes.

In addition, with Flash casinos you benefit from real flexibility. Online casinos are constantly developing and it’s unlikely that you are able to download all of the relevant software on to your computer. However, with Flash you can taste everything that a casino has to offer at any time without going through this process. As Flash technology continues to evolve it also means that you can enjoy online casinos on a host of mobile applications.

A disadvantage is that Flash is not supported on any of the devices from Apple. So if you want to play a online casino on a Apple device you need to download the app. But, since the release of HTML5 it is also possible to play a casino online on your Apple device, just like you can with Flash supported devices.