HTML5 online casinos

HTML5 online casinos

When you begin to look for an online casino to use there are many different options in front of you. However, if you plan to play while on the move – such as by using a tablet or smart phone – then you needn’t look any further than an HTML5 online casino.

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What exactly is an HTML5 online casino?

Simply put, an HTML5 online casino is a platform that can be used to access web browsers from mobile devices.

This means that all you need to do to play the games that you would traditionally enjoy on a laptop or computer is to visit the website via the web browser which is linked to your mobile tablet or mobile phone. Just tap on the game you wish to play and you’re away: the game will launch and you can begin your adventure.

As with most online casinos, when you are using an HTML5 web browser you are often able to play most casino games for free. However, if you wish to play for real money then you will need to register using the mobile website you have chosen. When that stage is complete you will be able to make deposits in just the same way that you can using a traditional online casino – it’s unlikely that the payment options will be any more limited on mobile sites than they are elsewhere.

Are there other options for mobile game play?

It can take some time to use a web browser and navigate across an online casino. As such, alternatives have emerged.

One is the chance to download a casino application. You should be able to find casino apps quite simply – indeed they are often promoted at online casinos. By clicking on the download button you will be able to put this casino app on to your device and when it is downloaded you will be asked to complete the sign-up procedure and register as a player. You can then choose which games you wish to play – either on a free basis, or for real cash.

Do be aware however, that if you download a casino app you will need to carry out updates manually unless you set up automatic updates.

So is an HTML5 online casino the right choice for you?

As outlined, there are two basic options if you wish to play with an online casino while you are on the move: an HTML5 online casino or a casino application. HTML5 is the 'new' Flash and is also compatbile on Apple devices as flash isn't.

Generally, if you want to play casino games regularly then an application may be the preferred option. However, many people find that their mobile device is running out of space because of all of the apps that they use. As such, HTML5 may be a better option – giving you the chance to enjoy the same game play that you would enjoy with a traditional web browser.