Online Casino Apps

Online Casino Apps

In the modern world playing at an online casino has evolved a lot over the last few years. This is essentially a strange thing to say, especially as online casinos are a relatively new phenomenon in general. However, the introduction of high power mobile devices and the high speed 4 and 5G internet network means that playing at an online casino has become an activity that can be carried out anywhere. What do you need to know about playing at an online casino when you’re on the go though? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about playing when you’re on the move for Canadian players.

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Mobile Casino Origins

Mobile apps weren’t actually the first way that players were able to play online casinos on mobile devices. The first way came through using mobile browsers. However, there were some issues with using this method. Early online casino games weren’t developed to be mobile friendly. This meant that the number of games that were able to be played on mobile devices was significantly lower than what was available on the desktop version.

This led to online casinos starting to develop their own mobile apps for players. These had more dedicated software that was created to run a larger proportion of the casinos games. The apps ran at a faster speed than most mobile browsers which meant that it was easier for players to use. Some also downloaded aspects of the online casino to the device. This in turn meant that the amount of internet is both used and required was significantly reduced.

All of this led to a big increase in how much online casinos were used by players. It allowed the market to grow at a much faster rate and lead to even more innovations being developed.

Moving over from Flash

What was holding back the mobile casino market was the use of Flash. The software was used to develop a significant number of online casino games, with a large number of video slots using Flash particularly. This had a number of advantages for developers initially. Mainly that Flash was an easy to use environment for development. It meant that they could create a game at a fast rate, and it would be released with a short development cycle.

However, this led to more problems further down the line. Flash has a lot of security holes that meant it wasn’t the safest software to use for development. Especially within an industry that uses the financial details of players like the iGaming industry does. On top of this Flash developed titles didn’t have the compatibility flexibility that other development environments offered. This meant that the industry had to make some changes.

The introduction of HTML5 as the language of choice for iGaming developers caused a big shift for how online casinos presented its mobile offerings. While most of the big name sites still offered integrated mobile apps, many found that their mobile sites could be accessed just as well through modern mobile browsers.

The Death of Mobile Apps?

Although the need for high quality mobile apps isn’t as strong as it once was, there are still a number of mobile apps on the market. You can discover which online casino sites have mobile apps that are available to Canadian players through our different reviews. This will make it easy for you if you want to use an app to play at your favorite online casino.

It should also be said that mobile apps are still very useful to players. Because they are developed around the site itself, the apps are often easier to use. This is because most mobile browser sites are optimized by a combination of the browser itself and the web developer. It can often be a secondary process that hasn’t been crafted to specifically carry out the job. A mobile app is specifically created to give mobile players access to the site.

This offers a lot of different benefits. Firstly, only the games that are actually available are included in the app. This means that there is no trying to open a game and it failing to load which is possible on mobile devices. Secondly, the payment methods are significantly streamlined. It makes it a lot easier to make withdrawals and payments. Often it can use fingerprints as a security measure, which is not the case with a mobile browser site.

Should you use a mobile app?

The answer to this is something that only you can know. If the online casino that you use offers the ability to play with an app, then it might be something worth considering. This is especially useful if you feel the benefits that an app brings will be a positive for you. If it’s not available then you can always use the mobile browser, but if there is one then it’s definitely something you should consider to enhance your mobile casino playing.