Pragmatic Play Software

Pragmatic Play Software

Pragmatic Play is one of the newer developers of online casino games on the market.Although it has been around for more than five years, it still comes in way under some of the more established developers that are around in terms of experience. This doesn’t mean that Pragmatic Play hasn’t built itself a strong position on the market. With a fantastic team behind it, it’s managed to carry out excellent growth in a short space of time. But what exactly does Pragmatic Play have to offer Canadian players?

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Pragmatic Play Overview

Pragmatic Play was first set up in 2015. It was initially named Top Game and was a South American firm. It attempted to make moves into the American market but had very little success doing so. A lot of this is due to the extreme restrictions that were placed on the American market at the time, which are much less strict in the modern world. After shifting locations to Malta, Pragmatic Play started to gain some traction within the industry. The games that came from the company were of a much higher quality and it allowed the reputation of Pragmatic Play to start to rise and increase.

By 2017 Pragmatic Play had really made its mark. After winning a Rising Star award many other people in the industry started to take notice. The game releases came thick and fast and numerous partnerships were made with other developers and operators within the iGaming industry.

Pragmatic Play Main Focus

Pragmatic Play tends to focus most of its energy on the video slot market. It’s here that it has made its name as an innovator and high quality developer. Pragmatic Play has chosen to create titles that have high quality graphics in order to give players a highly immersive experience. On top of working on the aesthetic aspect of the game, Pragmatic Play also ensures that the bonus features included in its titles are innovative and fun. This means it isn’t just a style over substance company, it tries to make sure that the gameplay is as good as the visuals.

Despite the main focus of Pragmatic Play being on video slots, it has created a small selection of table games as well. These games cover the usual titles that players would expect, and feature the signature high quality graphics that Pragmatic Play apply to its titles. It’s safe to say that the overall focus on Pragmatic Play is creating high quality online casino games.

Pragmatic Play Most Popular Games

Even in the short period of time that Pragmatic Play has been in operation as a top tier software developer it has managed to put out some top level games. Canadian players will be well aware of the high quality games that Pragmatic Play have released in that time. Here are a selection of some of the most famous and well received games that Pragmatic Play have released:

- Extra Juicy
- The Great Chicken Escape
- John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure
- Mustang Gold

This is just a small selection of video slots that Pragmatic Play has in its roster. It has managed to put together an impressive library of games in a short time. This is part of the reason that it has experienced such rapid levels of growth.

What Makes Pragmatic Play Stand out?

Part of what makes Pragmatic Play really stand out over other software developers is that it has risen to a high standing in the industry in a short space of time. It hasn’t done this by behaving in a morally bad way, it’s just put out high quality games that resonate with players. Online casino users in Canada will know Pragmatic Play as a company that often puts out high class titles. In fact it has a fast release schedule that many other companies struggle to keep up with. It’s also spent a great deal of time creating innovative and new features that help its games stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive video slot market.

It also has superb levels of security in place. This ensures that playing a Pragmatic Play game will not cause any problems for you as a player. On the whole it’s an extremely trustworthy company that has a proven track record of high quality.

Overall Conclusion

Pragmatic Play has made a fast move from a new kid on the block to one of the most popular software developers on the market. It gives Canadian players a fantastic selection of games to enjoy with high levels of quality across the board. If you’re the kind of player that loves the visual aspect of online casino games then Pragmatic Play is a company that dedicates itself to providing the highest quality imagery possible.

It may have grown significantly over the last few years but it’s still not quite managed to challenge the truly big players on the market. However, if Pragmatic Play manages to keep growing at this rate in the future then it could well be known as one of the biggest names in the iGaming industry in years to come.