Real Time Gaming Software

Real Time Gaming Software

Real Time Gaming is a mid sized online casino software developer. Although it’s not one of the truly big names on the market, it still has a lot of history and an excellent name within the industry. With over 20 years of experience Real Time Gaming has managed to grab itself a good portion of the market share and a superb reputation. Canadian players will have seen a lot of RTG titles at different online casinos, even if they are not completely familiar with the name of the company.

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Real Time Gaming Overview

Real Time Gaming was set up in 1998 in Atlanta in the USA. This means it has over 20 years of iGaming experience and is one of the oldest online casino software developers on the market. It’s been able to carve a niche for itself through some innovative video slots that caught the eye of players during the burgeoning online casino world. While it hasn’t managed to rise to the top of the market, it still has a very strong reputation and is known for creating high quality games. Players very rarely have negative things to say about Real Time Gaming titles.

Real Time Gaming has been known for spreading out into other areas of the online casino world as well. There are a lot of different Real Time Gaming titles out there, including progressive jackpots and table games.

Real Time Gaming Main Focus

Video slots are the main focus of Real Time Gaming. Most Canadian players will be well aware of the range of video slots that have been put out by the company. On top of this, there have also been a number of different progressive jackpots created by the company. These aren’t as famous as some of the other bigger progressive jackpots on the market, but they have still paid out some big wins to players and offered excellent fun for slot players.

Real Time Gaming also covers a number of different table games for players. These are obviously less of a focus than the video slots that the company offers. However, some of the table games do offer progressive jackpots which do make them popular with players.

Real Time Gaming Most Popular Games

As is expected from a software development company that has been around for more than 20 years, there are a big range of popular games from Real Time Gaming. This means that Canadian players will recognize a large number of the high quality games it has created. Here are some of the most popular Real Time Gaming titles on the market:

- Bubble Bubble
- Enchanted Garden II
- Cleopatra’s Gold
- Secret Symbol

Of course there are more than just the video slots available to players. There is also an excellent range of table games and progressive jackpots on offer from Real Time Gaming. It aims to provide innovation and excellent features to engage players in the long term.

What Makes Real Time Gaming Stand out?

What really makes Real Time Gaming stand out at first glance is just how long it has been operating on the market. If a company doesn’t put out high quality titles in the iGaming market then it won’t last very long. Players can tell when something has been created without much effort being put into it and Real Time Gaming have managed to create a large range of titles that harness lots of innovation. The company was one of the first to introduce lots of bonus features to online casino games and has continued this innovative approach in the years that have followed.

It has meant that it has been able to stand above a lot of competitors that have come alone in recent years. Real Time Gaming has also provided some excellent progressive jackpot titles, which gives players the chance to grab bigger wins than normal games. This is always something that helps a developer to stand out because players are always attracted to the opportunity to grab a big win.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, Real Time Gaming provides some excellent online casino games to Canadian players. There are plenty of different genres of games covered, with all of them having a lot of features included. Real Time Gaming has always attempted to create enjoyable features in its games as well as creating new features that will excite players. While it hasn’t managed to reach the heights of some of the biggest names in the industry, it is still well respected and known for high quality.

If you find an online casino that offers Real Time Gaming titles then you can rest assured that the quality will be set at the highest level. The titles will include excellent graphics, pleasant sounds and superb features. The progressive jackpots will also provide some excellent wins meaning you have the chance to walk away with a good profit.