Rival Software

Rival Software

Rival has been around for much longer than many people think. Although it might appear to be a relatively new company on the iGaming scene, it’s actually been around for more than 15 years. What Rival does is work as a hybrid company. With both in house developments and the creation of aggregation software it has grown into one of the biggest names in online casinos. Canadian players will know of both games created by Rival as well as the software it uses to provide lots of other developers the opportunity to showcase their titles too.

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Rival Overview

Rival was first dreamed up by a team of developers who had worked in the iGaming industry in the past. In 2005 they decided to work together to set up a new company, using their expertise to move the industry forwards in a new way. This first meant creating a collection of new style games that would stand out on the online casino market. Rival achieved this with the i-slots range. These new narrative driven video slots were extremely popular and provided storylines to the excitement of video slots.

Rival then followed this up with casino management software. Here operators have the opportunity to run a complete online casino from the ground up with minimal effort. The software provides high quality security features and the ability to play games from the Rival roster and other providers such as Tom Horn Gaming and Betsoft.

Rival Main Focus

The main focus that Rival has is for its video slot collection. It has put together a library of more than 200 games in the time it has been in operation. The most popular aspect of this collection of titles is the i-slot range. These games provide an innovative and fresh approach to video slots. With a detailed storyline that takes place across the course of the game, each game offers something new to slot players that hadn’t been seen before. The reels are even interactive and change as the story progresses. It gives players a completely new slot experience.

Rival also spends time putting together casino software for operators to use. This combines a standard platform with additional tools for security and aggregation. There are a lot of different casino operators who offer services to Canadian players that use the Rival platform. It might not be as well known as the i-slot range, but it is still an important part of the Rival business model.

Rival Most Popular Games

Rival has a good number of titles available to players. With more than 200 different games in its roster over more than 15 years it has had lots of success across the market. However, the most popular Rival titles tend to be from the i-slots range. These games have a mix of storytelling and gameplay that brings in players across the market. Here’s a selection of some of the most popular i-slot titles that Rival has available:

- As the Reels Turn 1 & 2
- Cosmic Quest 2
- Reel Crime 1 & 2

There are obviously plenty of other titles in the Rival roster with standard video slots and table games both covered by the company.

What Makes Rival Stand out?

Rival is a company that has attempted to break into the iGaming market that has long been dominated by one or two big names. Its dedication to providing high quality games and innovating in a crowded market place is what really makes it stand out from the crowd. It has some fantastic titles on offer for players and makes sure that Canadian players have access to some of the very best games on the market. Most of this comes from the seasoned developers who initially started up the company. As people who had achieved some success in the market, they knew what it took to operate in an efficient manner.

On top of this there is also the excellent casino management software that Rival offers. This has allowed a large number of online casinos to quickly and easily set up their own brands. By bringing together other well respected developers it also means that the roster of games that is available to operators is impressive both in terms of quality and quantity.

Overall Conclusion

Rival might not be one of the bigger names on the market at the moment, but what it does have is lots of experience and a great roster of games. Rival is the engine behind a lot of excellent online casinos on the market. This means that it is an extremely important player in the iGaming industry. With a number of high profile partnerships, industry leading software solutions and a dedication to innovation, Rival should be a name that continues to grow in the coming years.

Most Canadian players will begin to notice Rival a lot more over time as more online casino operators begin to use the proprietary software to host their sites. Over time it’s expected that Rival will begin to challenge some of the big players in the industry, so it is well worth keeping an eye on.