SkillOnNet Software

SkillOnNet Software

SkillOnNet offers a slightly different service to the online casino industry when compared to other software developers. This is because it doesn’t devote the majority of its time to creating a large roster of casino games. Instead it focuses on other software requirements within the industry. Because of this it means that Canadian players might not be completely aware of SkillOnNet and what it does. Many players don’t realize just how much software underpins the whole of the online casino industry and games are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what online casino operators require.

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SkillOnNet Overview

SkillOnNet was first set up in 2005. While this is more than 10 years ago, it’s still quite young when compared to some of the really big names in the industry who were formed in the 1990s. This means that it missed the initial start of online casinos and jumped onto the bandwagon after the first wave of online casinos. It was formed in Cyprus and has maintained its headquarters in the region ever since. Cyprus is a very popular country for software developers due to regulation in the region.

The first games that SkillOnNet developed were simple Backgammon games and from there it grew and started to move into other areas of online casino software.

SkillOnNet Main Focus

SkillOnNet isn’t really known for developing games. Although it got its start in the industry creating a Backgammon game, it soon moved onto developing platforms for online casino operators to use. This means that the development team spent just a small portion of its time working on casino games and the majority of its focus is devoted to creating the highest quality casino platforms possible.

The casino platforms that it operates allow a number of different developers to add their games to the roster of available titles. This then gives the casino operator access to a wide library of games from many different providers. The SkillOnNet platform also works to provide a full casino set up for operators. This extends to setting up the website address, software to manage the operation of the casino and the ability to conform to the different regulatory licenses for different jurisdictions. This is most likely how Canadian players are aware of SkillOnNet as it operates a number of different online casinos across the world for its partners.

While SkillOnNet isn’t known mainly for its game development, it uses Green Valley Games as a development division which means that it still has plenty of unique titles that can help to set it apart from other online casino platforms.

SkillOnNet Most Popular Games

SkillOnNet has some excellent games that are available to players in its roster. Through the Green Valley Games division it has put out some very popular titles. It also has games that were created before this division existed. Here are a small selection of SkillOnNet games that are popular with Canadian players:

- Ninja Master
- Golden TV
- Steampunk Luck
- Kiss the Sky: Climbing Slot

There are other games available as well, including some progressive jackpots and other innovative titles.

What Makes SkillOnNet Stand out?

What helps SkillOnNet to stand out from other software developers on the market is that it operates platforms more than creating games. This means that it spends a lot of its time putting together partnerships with other companies who are more focused on games development. This allows SkillOnNet to be an extremely desirable platform provider to online casino operators. Due to the large number of games that the company can offer from the partnerships it has, it means a SkillOnNet powered online casino gives players more choice than the vast majority of the market.

The ability to much more easily get a license is also very important to online casino operators. The software management tools allow online casinos to block off certain features that might be illegal in some countries. This means that licenses are much easier to get and it is a lot easier to keep hold of the licenses as well. The SkillOnNet platform is one of the most desirable on the market and this means the company is currently on an upward trend.

Overall Conclusion

Most Canadian players will be unaware of SkillOnNet when it comes to games development. This is mainly due to Green Valley Games being the name that players would associate with the titles. But also, because SkillOnNet focuses mainly on its casino platforms. These platforms are some of the most impressive in the industry and have helped SkillOnNet to move towards the top of the market. What SkillOnNet does very well is create tools that have given casino operators the chance to fully manage their online casinos with very little effort needed.

It is likely that the company will continue to go from strength to strength over the next few years. This is quite remarkable for a company that was started quite recently compared to other developers. It is also impressive that it has been able to partner with some very big names in the iGaming world and put together a platform that gives online casino operators the complete toolkit needed to put an online casino together.