Can I Play An Online Casino With Cash?

Can I Play An Online Casino With Cash?

One of the biggest advantages that brick-and-mortar casino players will site about playing at a physical casino is the fact that you can play in cash. While this is technically true, because you can’t, at least at this point, slide cash into your computer and have it deposit, you are able to, in a sense, play in cash. Here’s how, and here’s why it’s advantageous.

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How to Play In Cash

There are two key options to playing in cash at an online casino: a Paysafecard and a prepaid debit card. You can go to a local retailer and buy a Paysafecard, and you can find the closest one by visiting their site and typing in your address or zip code. If you bring cash with you, you can use it to pay for a Paysafecard. You can do the same thing with the prepaid debit card, and for both, you can also pay with your standard credit or debit card. However, while you can reuse your prepaid debit card, the Paysafecard is even more like cash in the sense that once it’s used, it cannot be used again. You type in the code, and then cut up and throw out the card. Your cash is then in your online casino account.

The Advantages

We direct the online casino Canada community only to the best places to place bets available to their jurisdictions. This means the most secure and trusted, first and foremost. These casinos use the most up-to-date SSL technology to ensure the protection of your personal information and card numbers. With that being said, nothing on earth is truly perfect and a sure thing, so using a Paysafecard, which can be then thrown into the trash, is hugely advantageous if your concern is the sanctity of your more personal financial information. It’s the same reason people go to the land-based casino with cash. Well, that, and the fact that the fees to use your card are incredibly steep.

Where You Can Play In Cash

Paysafecards, as well as prepaid MasterCard, are available for a banking option at most online casinos. Because Paysafecards are disposable, they cannot be used to withdraw, however. That being said, Paysafe is specifically tailored toward the online casino player, and online casinos know it. In fact, some even offer special, exclusive bonuses and promotions specifically for those who use Paysafe products, which also include NETELLER and Skrill. You will no doubt be able to deposit with your Paysafecard, and in turn deposit in cash, at almost all, if not all, of our recommended casinos.