Do Any Online Casinos Have a Land-Based Counterpart?

Do Any Online Casinos Have a Land-Based Counterpart?

Online casinos are normally just that: online. It’s actually a relatively convenient separation. Because both online casinos and land-based casinos have separate advantages and disadvantages that are often important to differentiate. When deciding on which one to play normally comes down to personal preference and accessibility. However, there are some casinos that are both online and in a brick-and-mortar location. In Canada, there is one (that we know of): PlayOLG.

Technically, PlayOLG is the online casino. OLG refers to the variety of Slots locations, casinos, casino resorts, and shoreline casinos operated by OLG. This is an acronym for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. They hold a monopoly on gambling in Ontario, a government-owned and -operated chain of casinos all around the province. PlayOLG is their online counterpart.

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Advantage of PlayOLG

The two biggest advantages of PlayOLG are the convenience and the Welcome Bonuses. We highly encourage you to check out our detailed review and pros and cons of playing at PlayOLG versus playing at other online casinos. But in terms of playing at PlayOLG versus other land-based casinos in Ontario, not having to leave your home to place bets on casino games and those high Welcome Bonuses beat the physical OLG casinos. However, the return to player (RTP) seems to be the same.

Difference with OLG Casinos

As aforementioned, the RTP of the land-based Slots and the online Slots are the same. You can’t bet on Sports, play Poker or other skills-based games, or Bingo at PlayOLG. You have to go to the physical locations (or over phone for Sports) to place those types of bets. Furthermore, you can only earn points for their Winner’s Circle Rewards at the land-based operators, and they do not transfer over. If you’ve already earned a good number of them, it is recommended that you stick with the physical casinos. Many physical OLG locations also have entertainment. They offer drinks and food service, and lodging, making it more of an event than sitting at your computer.

Otherwise, the odds, winning potential, and thrill are the same. There’s no reason to make the drive if you just want to place a bet in the hopes of winning some money on a casino game.