Is online gambling more addicting then offline gambling?

Is online gambling more addicting then offline gambling?

Clinically speaking there is no distinction between an online gambling addiction and an addiction to regular casinos. However, is it possible that one may actually be more dangerous than the other?

Warnings to gamble responsibly are rife on online casinos... but do gamblers who wish to risk their cash really take any notice? There is little doubt that there are some serious risks associated with online gambling. Many reasons why you should take extra precautions to not let a “bit of fun” turn into a “nasty habit”.

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Why can online gambling be more addictive?

There are many factors that have the potential to make online gambling more addictive, including:

- Reliance on self-discipline: If an addicted gambler spent several days at a casino, chances are that it would be noticed. Perhaps by staff, perhaps by friends or family. However, online gamblers are able to play without being noticed – at home, at work or even on the move on their smart phones.

- No escape: Many people who try to break gambling addictions try to go “cold turkey” and avoid casinos altogether. However, with online gambling this is not as easy as almost every home now contains a computer with internet access. This means that you are always within touching distance of your next bet.

- Regulation: In many countries it is simply not possible to operate an online casino. This means a lot of casinos are registered in different countries where gambling is legal. However, it can be difficult to regulate these operations and not all online casinos are legitimate with suitable gambling protection. That’s why it’s vital to stick to casinos that are well-known.

- Easier to get started: Online casinos offer a range of incentives to hook new players. This can even include “free” versions of their game so that people get comfortable with the idea of placing bets and gambling. Having success in these free versions can hook people in who assume they will be able to translate this fortune to real play. However, that’s rarely the case as the odds of the real games always favour the house.

- Disassociation with reality: Let’s be honest, the internet can seem almost detached from reality at times. Just take a look at any internet chat or forum and you’ll see people talk in a way they know is not acceptable in society because “the internet isn’t real”. Applying this same philosophy to online gambling can be a huge mistake. Because the internet is real and the money you gamble can be lost just as easily as in a casino. Yet this format is arguably more addictive because somehow it doesn’t “feel” the same.

- Simple convenience: You want to bet, all you need to do is turn on a computer. There is no need to get in a car and drive to a casino. When a gambler has a moment of weakness, an online casino is always there.

As you can see there are many reasons why gambling at online casinos can be dangerous and potentially more addictive . That is why you must take care to gamble responsibly.