The Bellagio Casino

The Bellagio Casino

The Bellagio was originally opened in 1998 (3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109). It was envisioned by the man behind the Wynn resorts. The Bellagio is without a doubt an impressive structure. In fact when it first opened, it was the most expensive hotel in the world, Despite the impressive nature of both the hotel and casino within the resort, it’s actually most well known for its famous fountains. The fountains contain more than 1,000 different jets and, like the cost of the hotel complex, were the largest in the world when first built. It’s possibly the most cultured of all the different casino resorts on the Vegas strip, with it playing host to both a botanical gardens and a museum on the grounds. The Bellagio was sold in 2019 for an eye watering cost of $4.25 billion.

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Who can play here

Any player who is 21 or older is able to play at the Bellagio. This is because Las Vegas has a legal gambling age of 21, in line with the state laws in Nevada. Canadian players will need to check their own ages before making the trip due to the difference in age laws between the two countries.

What does The Bellagio Casino offer to players?

The Bellagio has almost 4,000 rooms on offer to visitors. These are made up of just over 3,000 in the original tower and almost 1,000 in the second tower that was built in 2004. This makes it one of the bigger hotels on the strip. Each room is built to be of the highest standard, giving visitors the finest in luxury and access to the casino floor. There are also incredible views on offer, with the towers stretching up to over 500 feet in the air, giving a complete view of the strip.

There’s also a fantastic casino available at the Bellagio. Here players have access to an incredible range of slots, all of which are linked to the Pop! Slots app. This app gives the opportunity for players to grab even bigger prizes which can enrich their trip. There is a dedicated Poker room, which has even been used for the World Poker Tour. The Bellagio also has a sportsbook available where players can place wagers on a range of different sporting events.

In terms of entertainment, The Bellagio is one of the very best around. It has shows from the Cirque du Soleil regularly. These cover a number of different themes, giving visitors a wonderful experience every time. There’s also a great selection of nightclubs on offer. Here visitors can enjoy a night of partying with some of the best DJs in the world performing. For people who want a more relaxed time there is also the museum and the botanical gardens. Both of these make it very easy for people to take some time away from the frantic atmosphere of the casino and relax in their thoughts.

If you’re hungry there are also some incredible dining options available for visitors to the Bellagio. There’s the standard selection of high class restaurants that provide a fine dining experience to casino visitors. There is also a Franky and Bennys, where people can get daily tokens for money off their bill. There’s a buffet option as well. This means that the overall choice is exactly what you would expect from a top of the line hotel resort. If you want something a little smaller you can also eat in the bars and cafes that are on the resort, or even order something from room service if you like.

How are the staff at The Bellagio Casino?

The staff at The Bellagio are fantastic. The casino staff are all extremely knowledgeable about the games that they operate and are both courteous and polite. The serving staff are just as well mannered. Whatever your issue, the staff do their best to make sure you’re treated well and get what you require. It’s great to see such high quality staff available.

What is special about The Bellagio Casino?

Thinking about what’s special at the Bellagio is hard. This is because there is so much about that stands out. First, the sheer height of the main tower is very impressive.It goes up more than 500 feet, which is an incredible height. If that doesn’t impress you then the fountains are most definitely an incredible sight. With multiple shows taking place each day, you will have a number of opportunities to see the light and music show that goes along with the fountain show. It’s one of the must see attractions on the whole strip.

Should you visit The Bellagio Casino?

Whether you intend to stay at the Bellagio or not, the fountain show is well worth your time. It’s impressive every time you see it, with the jets of water shooting almost as high as the main tower. Of course, if you do intend to stay there then you will be staying at one of the most impressive casinos in Vegas, with a fantastic hotel complex to go with it.