Caesars Palace Casino

Caesars Palace Casino

Caesars Palace is one of the oldest, most famous and biggest casinos in all of Las Vegas (3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109). Originally built in 1966 it was designed to offer Vegas visitors the ability to enjoy a facility that was similar to the classic Roman idea of opulence. It’s morphed into something much more impressive over the years. It has a huge casino floor, plenty of different activities to undertake and hotels that the Romans never would have dreamed of. It still retains its links to Roman times with a giant statue of Augustus Caesar, which is a shock to many who think that the Caesar in question is Julius. Caesars Palace is without a doubt one of the most iconic casinos in the whole of Las Vegas.

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Who can play here

The legal age for gambling at Caesars Palace is 21. This tends to be higher than the age in Canada as players as young as 18 can place wagers in some provinces and 19 in others. This means that it’s important to make sure you’re aware of this before booking a trip to Caesars. Anyone under 21 will not be allowed to gamble. Caesars Palace also requires at least smart casual dress for the casino floor.

What does Caesars Palace Casino offer to players?

Caesars has one of the most impressive casinos on the Vegas strip. It actually features a Poker room that’s 4,500 square feet in size. That’s not all that’s available though, there’s also plenty of slot games and if you really like Poker, there are video Poker machines as well. Caesars also includes other table games and even a world class sportsbook. It really is one of the most impressive betting venues on the planet.

It also features an incredible hotel complex. It takes up 300,000 square feet and offers almost 4,000 rooms for guests. It has huge towers which offer great views and also has the ability to host conventions. It’s one of the largest of its kind and makes sure that visitors to Caesars have everything that they need right at their fingertips. It’s a highly impressive place to stay and holds a large amount of prestige for many visitors.

Of course, it’s not just the casino and hotel that is impressive though. The entertainment at Caesars is some of the very best in the world. Some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry have enjoyed residencies at Caesars over the years, something that continues to this day. If you want to take in a show you can rest assured that all year round there will be a variety of different shows taking place that will knock your socks off.

The food options at Caesars are all based around the hotel complex. There are a massive variety of different places to eat. All of which offer high quality food. It means that you can get whatever you fancy, at almost any time. Most of the restaurants are open around the clock meaning if you have an attack of the late night munchies, you can just go downstairs and get something to eat.

There’s also a good range of bars available at Caesars too. Obviously, like the gambling age the drinking age is 21 in Vegas. This means that it’s something else that you will have to ensure you’re covered for before you decide to make the trip. If you are old enough then you can get access to some of the finest drinks around, without breaking the bank. The bars are open around the clock meaning no matter when you’re playing you can go and grab a drink without any issues.

How are the staff at Caesars Palace Casino?

Customer service is something that the USA is very well known for. It’s no different in Vegas. The serving staff are all extremely polite and eager to please. On top of this the dealers at the gaming tables are all well trained and very courteous. You won’t have an issue with rudeness from the staff at Caesars.

What is special about Caesars Palace Casino?

Caesars is without a doubt an iconic venue. The whole design is created to be Rome inspired. It means that visitors will have awe inspiring views wherever they are in the hotel complex. It also has an incredible casino facility that is legitimately one of the very best in the world. The recent addition of the sportsbook means that it offers almost every kind of betting imaginable. It’s hard to do justice to just what Caesars has to offer. It’s highly impressive and a trip here is a once in a lifetime experience.

Should you visit Caesars Palace Casino?

If given the opportunity to visit Caesars Palace it’s definitely something you should take up. It has everything that you could ever want and includes family options too. So even if you don’t fancy the casino environment, there is still enough to do to give your family a vacation they will never forget. Caesars is iconic for a reason, it will give you lasting memories and fun you never thought possible.