Cosmopolitan Casino

Cosmopolitan Casino

The Cosmopolitan is one of the less famous casinos that’s located on the Vegas strip (3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109). Despite not being as well known as some other casinos, it still has some incredible features that have made it a highly sought after resort. With incredible suites that are designed to give visitors a home away from home, it’s genuinely one of the most comfortable and luxurious places to stay on the whole strip. Each room has been designed to be individual, it’s not the one size fits all method that a lot of other casino resorts take. This makes sure that every visit to the Cosmopolitan is a positive one. It has a lot more than just a great hotel though, the Cosmopolitan is a complete casino resort with a lot of features.

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Who can play here

Because Las Vegas has a higher gambling age than the different areas of Canada, it means that you will need to be wary of this when travelling. This is especially the case if you want to drink or gamble. The legal gambling age in Las Vegas is the US standard of 21. You’ll also have to be dressed appropriately if you want to make your way to the casino floor. You might not be let on if you’re wearing shorts and a baseball cap.

What does the Cosmopolitan Casino offer to players?

The casino at the Cosmopolitan is designed to provide players with everything that they might need. It has a fantastic range of both slots and table games. There are in fact more than 1,000 slots on offer to players here. Because you can get a line of credit set up before you arrive, you can begin playing the moment you walk through the doors at the Cosmopolitan. That’s a really great touch for players who can’t wait to enjoy the casino atmosphere. What is also a fantastic touch is the ability to get a complete profit and loss print out of your gaming. This is vital for people who want to include any gambling related information of their tax return. It’s something that not too many casinos think about, so it really is a great feature. The Cosmopolitan also runs a number of different tournaments throughout the year that are available to enter. This adds some extra excitement when playing.

There are also plenty of different entertainment venues at the Cosmopolitan. It’s mainly aimed at older visitors and people without small children, so there are lots of nightclubs and bars available here. This means you can really enjoy your evening if you fancy something a little different to the hustle and bustle of the casino floor. What’s also great is the different shows that take place. Over the course of the year the shows will rotate and offer different performances for visitors, but you can rest assured there will be something impressive available at the Cosmopolitan.

There’s also a great collection of restaurants to use here. The Cosmopolitan uses a collection of fine dining restaurants to give visitors a sense of class, but there’s also a food hall where people can get something quick and easy to go. If either of those don’t tickle your fancy then you can always order room service. Whatever your needs, the Cosmopolitan does its best to attend to them.

If food isn’t what you want then you can always get a drink at the bar. Remember though, the drinking age is the same as the gambling age so you will have to be 21 in order to get a drink. There’s still a good selection of bars on offer at the Cosmopolitan which adds an extra layer to enjoying your evening.

How are the staff at the Cosmopolitan Casino?

The staff at the Cosmopolitan are absolutely fantastic. They spend their time doing their best to provide you with a quality service. This extends to both what they do for you as well as how polite and well mannered they are. The dealers are all highly trained meaning that you won’t have any gaming errors if you choose to play a table game.

What is special about the Cosmopolitan Casino?

The Cosmopolitan is something different. It tries to create almost a night time entertainment district within the resort.There is a lot for visitors to do all across the resort, and the number of different clubs and bars means that there is always an alternative if the show that is playing doesn’t appeal to you. It does have excellent entertainment though and the shows do rotate on a regular basis. The casino is superb and the number of slots available is definitely one of the plus points. The main attraction has to be the quality of the rooms though. They are incredible and really provide a home away from home experience.

Should you visit the Cosmopolitan Casino?

Most definitely. If you want to enjoy your time in Vegas with a homely environment then this is the place for you. The rooms and suites are some of the absolute best on the strip. The casino is of a high standard and the restaurants are superb. The entertainment isn’t quite up to the standard of some of the really big names, but there’s still a lot of good shows to see and things to do.