Excalibur Casino

Excalibur Casino

Excalibur is a medieval themed hotel and casino complex that is owned and operated by MGM (3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109). It was opened in 1990 to great fanfare. It formerly had an image of a wizard outside the front of the resort which has since been replaced. It features almost 4,000 rooms and covers a massive 100,000 square feet on the casino floor. It’s one of the most impressive looking casinos on the strip. The castle design looks almost as though it has come from a Disney movie. It uses the mythology of King Arthur and Camelot in order to add some mystique to the location and it works very well. While it might not feel as serious as some of the other casino resorts on the strip, it’s without a doubt one of the most striking and is definitely one of the most interesting.

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Who can play here

Gambling is available to all players who are 21 or over. Because in Canada the legal gambling age is either 18 or 19, depending on where you live, this is important information. Make sure that you’re aware of this before travelling if you have the intention of gambling when in Vegas.

What does the Excalibur Casino offer to players?

With 100,000 square feet for the casino floor, Excalibur offers more than most people expect. The castle styled resort often leads people to think that it won’t have an impressive casino and will be more focused on shows and other forms of entertainment. This is not the case as it offers the signature selection of games that you expect from any MGM property. There are some great slots on the casino floor, as well as an app that’s available that offers players the chance to play slots no matter where they are on the resort. The table games and Poker offerings are just as important and give players plenty of different choices when it comes to trying out the games. Excalibur also has a great sportsbook so whatever event is taking place when you visit can easily be enjoyed. With almost 4,000 rooms and suites available there is plenty of space to stay and the rooms are highly impressive. With King and Queen sized rooms available, this is an appropriate measurement for a medieval themed resort.

Visitors have access to more than just the great hotel and casino when making their way to Excalibur though. There are magic shows, music shows and stand up comedy all on offer at different points of the year at Excalibur. There are also some Camelot themed shows that take place, these really help the overall design of the resort to shine. The dinner and jousting contest is one of the most impressive shows that takes place at Excalibur and is definitely worth your time checking it out. The tickets sell out fast though, so it’s important to book early. Excalibur often does deals where you can get cut price tickets, so you can often get into more shows for your money if you time it right.

If you’re getting hungry then Excalibur then there are some great places to eat available. One of the best places is the steakhouse. It really embraces the medieval theme of Excalibur and offers visitors a hearty meal. There’s also the expected buffet option as well, which is very impressive at Excalibur. One great bar is Vagabond where residents can get something to eat or drink and play one of the many arcade machines that are dotted around the venue. You get a great eating experience at Excalibur.

Excalibur has some brilliant nightlife options available to visitors. There are a number of nightclubs to visit that offer great music and dancing opportunities. What Excalibur does well is offer some different options too. There is Dick’s Last Resort which offers a more fun experience to enjoy. There are also quite a few bars where you can just kick back and enjoy a drink in a more relaxed environment.

How are the staff at the Excalibur Casino?

Excalibur has fantastic staff. Visitors will be given a real feudal treatment when they stay at Excalibur. The staff are very polite and make sure they try to carry out every desire that is asked of them. The staff have had good training, so they have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the more intricate aspects of the job.

What is special about the Excalibur Casino?

The theme is what really makes Excalibur stand out. The castle design and the medieval themed shows are some of the most impressive on the whole Vegas strip. If you want a more fun experience then Excalibur will definitely give it to you. Despite the fun atmosphere, it still has a great casino on offer, which covers a lot of ground and has a lot of facilities. It might not look as though it offers these kinds of services, but Excalibur has plenty of positive surprises in store if you choose to stay.

Should you visit the Excalibur Casino?

If you have a family, or you want to experience lots of fun, then Excalibur is without a doubt worth your time. It’s also a great place to visit if you have an interest in medieval culture. It manages to mix fun and professionalism at the same time and really gives visitors a top class experience. You should definitely think about visiting Excalibur if you visit the strip.