MGM Grand Casino

MGM Grand Casino

The MGM Grand can only really be described with one word. Grand. It’s the single largest hotel complex in the United States (3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109). On top of that it’s the third largest hotel complex in the world. With almost 7,000 rooms it plays host to an incredible amount of people every single year. It’s not just a hotel though. It also has an amazing casino complex, grounds that offer rivers, pools and waterfalls, restaurants and a retail park. The MGM Grand is without a doubt the most impressive sight in all of Vegas. Not just the sheer size of the complex, but the amazing lights that ensure that it’s visible all across the strip in an evening. What’s also amazing about the MGM Grand is that it is linked by bridges to two other casinos and there is no way to cross the road at ground level.

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Who can play here

Both drinking and gambling has a minimum age of 21 at the MGM Grand. This is because Las Vegas is under the jurisdiction of Nevada state laws. Despite it having access to gambling much earlier than other states within the US, it still retains the higher legal gambling age. If you want to play casino games on the casino floor then you will need to make sure that your attire is suitable. Players who are not dressed at least in a smart casual manner won’t be allowed to play at the MGM Grand.

What does the MGM Grand Casino offer to players?

The MGM Grand has the biggest casino on the whole of the Vegas strip. It covers over 170,000 square feet making sure that there is more room for games than anywhere else. It has a great range of video slots, with stakes ranging from penny slots all the way up to $1,000! There’s also a great selection of table games, including a dedicated Poker section. Any casino game you might want to play is covered at the MGM Grand. There are also apps available which give you access to free slot games. These can be used to earn prizes, such as money off your stay or food vouchers. It gives players on a smaller budget the opportunity to enhance their vacation without increasing their costs. The MGM Grand also has a full sportsbook available. Here players can place wagers on the latest sporting events, watch the events unfold on big screen TVs and get a drink from the bar. This is also linked to an app where players are able to place sports bets even if they’re not in the sportsbook area.

Despite having such an incredible casino and hotel complex, the MGM Grand is probably most famous for the entertainment that’s on offer. It puts on incredible shows every single night, with big stars and licensed properties all coming together to provide a big mix of different styles. Getting tickets can sometimes be difficult, because these shows are almost always complete sell outs. So if you know you’re going to be visiting the MGM Grand then it’s important to book well in advance. Also check out the calendar so that you know what’s on show. The selection rotates regularly, so you will rarely see the same show on two different vacations.

The MGM Grand gives visitors the opportunity to eat at a big selection of different restaurants. There is everything from venues that serve light bites to full on banquets.There is also the obligatory Vegas all you can eat buffet. Everything that you could ever imagine is available to eat at the MGM Grand, so it’s well worth your time looking over the selection. If you don’t want to leave your room or suite, you can also order room service which has a large range of items available.

The nightlife at the MGM Grand is some of the very best around. There are nightclubs on offer that have some of the biggest DJs in the world playing there. Quite recently both Calvin Harris and Tiesto have both had regular sets. So if you want to enjoy an evening with some of the biggest names in the business, the MGM Grand is the place to be.

How are the staff at the MGM Grand Casino?

The MGM Grand has a fantastic reputation with consumers. Part of the reason for this is that the staff are some of the best in the industry. They’re all trained to a high level and they make sure that the visitor is well looked after at every turn.

What is special about the MGM Grand Casino?

It’s probably easier to talk about what isn’t special at the MGM Grand. It features so many different aspects that are all amongst the best around. Players here are treated superbly. The hotel amenities are incredible, you won’t believe the quality that’s on offer. The casino is the biggest on the strip. The hotel is the biggest on the strip. Everything about the MGM Grand is grand. It also has incredible shows, the entertainment here is up there with the best in the world.

Should you visit the MGM Grand Casino?

Oh yes. The MGM Grand is synonymous with Las Vegas. It’s huge, but every square foot is filled with something interesting. If you stay at the MGM Grand you can guarantee that you will have one of the best vacations of your entire life.