The Venetian Casino

The Venetian Casino

The Venetian complex is the second largest hotel complex in the world when combined with the three adjacent hotel complexes that come under its brand(3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109). Although the four total complexes are collectively larger than the MGM Grand, as that is a single complex it is still the biggest single complex on the strip, despite the Venetian and its partners having a small amount of additional rooms available. The Venetian has more than 3,000 suites available to visitors and an additional 4,000 regular rooms available. It was originally opened in 1999 after three years of planning. The resort was planned to be the largest on the strip, but as is often the case, other people always try to outdo achievements, The Venetian combatted this by adding more rooms in 2003 to ensure it was still one of the biggest resorts around.

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Who can play here

The Venetian requires players to be at least 21 in order to play at the Venetian. On top of this, there is a dress code in place, which means players will have to be in appropriate attire in order to be allowed onto the casino floor.

What does the Venetian Casino offer to players?

As already mentioned, the Venetian offers one of the largest hotel complexes on the whole of the Vegas strip. It’s incredibly impressive and along with its associated properties gives visitors more than 7,000 rooms to choose from. It has a theme that is based around Venice, which isn’t too much of a shock given the name. It actually manages to replicate a lot of what you would see in Venice with its design with architectural recreations in numerous spots on the hotel and casino complex. The hotel rooms vary between both normal rooms and suites. The suites are obviously of a higher standard, but the rooms are still very luxurious. The casino floor is one of the most impressive around. It takes up more than 100,000 feet and offers players an incredible range of choice. Here players can enjoy slots, table games and Poker. There’s also a sportsbook available at the Venetian, which was the first on the Vegas strip to be open 24 hours a day. The Venetian also offers players the ability to play a number of electronic table games, which means it has more access to table games than many other casinos on the strip.

The Venetian regularly has incredible entertainment available to visitors. For a long time the Blue Man Group had a residency at the Venetian, performing regular shows to the visitors. Since then there has been a revolving door of different acts performing at the Venetian. Here people staying at the complex have the ability to enjoy some of the finest musical and comedy acts on the planet. Of course these shows require tickets. So if you’re unable to get a ticket then you will have to wait until they are available. This means that it’s important to book in advance so that you are able to see the shows you want.

What’s very impressive about the Venetian is the selection of food that’s available. It splits up its cuisine into different available cultures. These cover Seafood, Steakhouse, American, Asian, French, Italian and Latin. It’s a great range of choice and makes sure that visitors have access to plenty of different food options. There are fine dining restaurants, quick bite restaurants and buffet options. It means that any visitors to the Venetian have one of the biggest food selections of the entire Vegas strip.

The Venetian also has a fantastic selection of nightclubs and bars on offer. These go from pounding music and beats to relaxing chill out zones. There’s also a full spa and pool complex on the resort. It means the overall scope of the entertainment is some of the most impressive on the whole strip. Whether you want to let your hair down or chill out, the Venetian gives you the opportunity to do so.

How are the staff at the Venetian Casino?

The staff at the Venetian are fantastic. Every team member knows their job perfectly well. The dealers and croupiers are superb when it comes to enacting the games and the serving staff make sure that you always get the right order. The service is all provided with a smile making it a pleasant experience at the Venetian.

What is special about the Venetian Casino?

The Venetian gives visitors one of the most authentic Venice experiences possible this side of actually visiting Venice. The accurate architecture that is legitimately taken from what’s on show in the real city, is highly impressive. The impressive size of the complex is also something that will take your breath away. On top of all of this there is also an incredible number of food outlets where some of the best food on the planet is available.

Should you visit the Venetian Casino?

If you love Italian culture then the Venetian is the best way to experience it without visiting Italy. The design is amazing and the rooms are all of the highest quality. The great casino floor is also something that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll not regret visiting the Venetian.