Wynn Casino

Wynn Casino

Wynn Resort is almost 200 metres high, with 45 floors and almost 3,000 rooms on offer (3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109). It was a casino that covers more than 100,000 square feet, A convention centre that fills five times that space and over 13,000 square feet of retail outlets. It is truly an all in one luxury resort. It’s a five star resort that offers its guests the ability to play at an 18 hole golf course. It is one of the most luxurious resorts on the planet and is twinned with the Encore, which is also in Las Vegas. Between these two resorts no other family of resorts holds as many five star awards. While it might not be one of the first names that springs to mind when talking about the venues on the Vegas strip, it’s definitely one of the most impressive.

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Who can play here

Casino players have to be 21 or over in order to play in Las Vegas. This is the case at the Wynn, just as any other casino on the strip. As such, Canadian players will have to ensure that they are fully aware of this before travelling. This is due to the lower age restrictions that are in place in Canada. Depending on where the province is the age limit is 18 or 19 to Canadian players.

What does Wynn offer to players?

The casino floor is an incredibly impressive area. Here players will find plenty of different video slots. The slots also have an included app so that players are able to enjoy them when not on the casino floor. The app also offers additional rewards giving players more bonuses than would usually be available. There’s also a sportsbook on offer, which also has an app available. This means that no matter where you are in the casino grounds, you can easily place a wager on a sporting event. Wynn also has a dedicated Poker room and a room just for table games. This means that more traditional casino players can sit down in a more relaxed environment to enjoy the joys of cards and Roulette. Overall, Wynn has one of the most impressive casinos available on the whole Vegas strip. It exudes class at all times as well as being fully accessible to a multitude of players. The Wynn hotel rooms are all of a five star standard as well. This means that when you’re not playing at the superb casino facilities, you can still sit and enjoy luxury in the hotel rooms and suites.

Wynn is more than just an impressive casino though. It also offers a huge conference area. Here a number of different high profile conferences take place over the course of the year. It ensures that Wynn sees a lot of footfall over the course of the year. There’s also a wonderful range of different entertainment shows that are on over the year. These include some of the biggest musical acts and comedians in the world. Wynn is also home to the lake of dreams, where many incredible water based shows take place on a nightly basis.

There are some fantastic dining facilities available at Wynn. There are nine fine dining restaurants on offer to visitors to Wynn. On top of these outlets there are also another 11 group dining venues. It means the food choice is one of the most diverse on the strip. Wynn makes it easy for you to carry out a bit of retail therapy as well. There is a fantastic selection of boutique

The nightlife on offer at Wynn is also superb. There’s a great range of bars and nightclubs that are available for players to visit. Due to the drinking age in Vegas being 21 it means that obviously visitors to these establishments must be over the legal age as well. There’s also a poolside club available for those seriously relaxing moments.

How are the staff at Wynn?

Wynn has some of the best staff on the strip. They’re all superbly trained and certainly go by the adage “we aim to please”. The staff are all extremely polite and go out of their way to make sure that visitors are happy when staying at the Wynn. It’s definitely five star service to go along with the five star facilities.

What is special about Wynn?

Wynn is without a doubt one of the most impressive casino resorts at the strip. Together with its sister site, Encore, it becomes one of the top ten biggest hotels in the world. When you take into account that the service is so impressive, this makes it even more amazing. The mound of five star ratings that Wynn has been able to collect shows just why it’s so appealing to customers. Both the size and quality of the Wynn help it to stand out over other casinos.

Should you visit Wynn?

If you’re able to afford the Wynn then this is definitely somewhere you should stay. The quality of the rooms and the other amenities means that it’s one of the best places to stay in the world, let alone Las Vegas. You also have the opportunity to take in a shopping trip when staying at the Wynn as well, which just means that it’s even more versatile than just being a casino resort!