Malta gambling licenses

Malta gambling licenses

Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, and one of the few popular, highly respected, and very common online casino licensing bodies that are fully independent and not part of a larger governing body.The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) may well be the most prominent online gambling licenser on the planet, with a seal that is renowned in the industry as indicating that the operator is safe, secure, trusted, and undergoes strict oversight, audits, and regulations, and you will see MGA all over the Canada online casino community resource sites and on the homepages of the gambling sites themselves. Here is everything you need to know about this industry essential.

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About the Country

Malta is a European island country located 80 kilometers off the coast of Italy, where both English and Maltese are most commonly spoken. Its rich history, ancient architecture, beautiful beaches and warm climate, and gorgeous hotels and recreation centers make it a very popular tourist destination, with annual visitors numbering over 1.6 million people. With a population of 450,000, they get three times the visitors than they do residents, which is a testament to their welcoming environment and exciting explorative opportunities.

The Gambling Regulation for Operators Overview

The license fees and taxes are pretty standard when it comes to the MGA, but what isn’t standard is their strict oversight, which is a testament to the player confidence MGA consistently instils. Their application fee is €2,330, the system review is €2,500, the license fee is €8,500, and additional fees apply depending on how long you’ve been licensed with them. They also require operators to pay a compliance fee, which covers the cost for independent, third-party auditors to test every game to ensure complete randomness and fairness. The tax licenses cost a monthly fee, but the net profit taxes are relatively low in comparison to other gambling regulators, especially when you consider the amount of respect garnered from an MGA seal at the bottom of your website.

What It Means to the Players

It is a bit worrying when a licensing body has hundreds of casinos under their jurisdiction and offer such low taxation, but MGA’s glowing reputation for offering some of the best casino options in the world squashes that worry pretty wonderfully. They have a well detailed code of ethics, which spell out their purpose and vision, responsibility, respect, fairness, honesty, communication, and professional competence and due care. The emphasis of MGA is for them and all their licensees to be as fair and transparent as possible. When it comes to feeling safe, secure, and enthusiastic about an online casino, those are some of the most important aspects, which means MGA has the best interests of the players in mind.

How Many Sites Do They License

MGA licenses ten different gaming sectors, from land-based casino games to remote gaming, and the same level of integrity applies to all of them. In terms of licensed operators, MGA has well over 200, and they include big names like Betfair, LeoVegas, Realm Entertainment, Royal Panda, Unibet, Mr Green, and many others. Their list is growing, but each new addition needs to pass their rigorous screening process and undergo their ongoing audit and oversight requirements, so player confidence is inherently excellent. They even list suspended licenses and unauthorized URLs, which is truly going above and beyond. MGA doesn’t mess around, making them one of the top rated and highest respected regulatory bodies in the gambling industry. In terms of the Canada online casino circuit, few, if any, compare.


There are so many awesome casinos licensed by Malta that it’s a good thing they’re so highly respected and transparent. Otherwise, we would come across some of the most exciting gambling sites and not want to play them. Such is not the case, as MGA not only licenses some of the best online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, Bingo rooms, and land-based casinos in the world, but they are also strict, diligent, and universally respected. Make sure the casino fits your preferences, has a great reputation, and undergoes as many third-part independent audits as possible as well, but if they have the MGA seal, you’re pretty much good to go.