Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a world famous casino game that is probably most known to Canadian players as the game James Bond is playing in Dr No. This has actually created a misconception about Baccarat to the general public as in the version Bond plays he makes decisions and controls the cards during the game. This doesn’t tend to be the case in most modern casinos. Baccarat is actually an entirely dealer controlled game. There’s no need to worry though, this doesn’t mean that the dealer can cheat. It just means that players place wagers on who they think will win at the start of the game. Live dealer Baccarat is a version of this where you can see a real life dealer and place wagers over an HD video stream. It offers plenty of fun and allows for some excellent bankroll management strategies to be put into action. In this guide we are covering every aspect that you might need to know about Live dealer Baccarat.

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How to play

Playing Baccarat is a very simple process. The first step is to find an online casino where you would like to play. There are a number of different aspects that you might want to look at when choosing, from the number of games that are available to the promotions and bonuses that are on offer to Canadian players. Once you have made your choice it’s a simple task of signing up for an account, logging into your account and loading up the game.

When the game loads a high definition video stream will start. For this you will need a good internet connection, so make sure that you have one available before you begin playing. The first thing you will see is the smiling face of the live dealer. This will then offer the opportunity to place a wager on what you think will happen during the game. The usual choices are dealer to win, player to win or a tie. Some versions of Baccarat will also offer side bets, but these are less common than the standard options. The software makes it simple to place your wager.

From here the dealer will play out the game. The dealer has to carry out the perfect strategy when playing which means that they cannot show any preference to either side. This ensures that the game is carried out in a fair manner and the dealer can’t cheat to allow one side to win over the other. Once the game has finished the software will make payouts to players who chose the correct result.

If any side bets were made then these will also be paid out at this time. The dealer will then deal out the hands for the next game and take bets from the players.

Differences between live Baccarat and offline Baccarat

There are lots of differences between live Baccarat and the Baccarat that you might see in a real life casino. The first is the stake levels. Real life casinos tend to try and attract high roller players for games such as Baccarat. This is because there is limited space in a real life casino. There isn’t the same problem with live dealer Baccarat, so the stake levels tend to be a little bit more relaxed, although there are still high roller versions of the game on offer.

The second main difference is that live dealer Baccarat doesn’t offer the opportunity for the player to make the decisions in the game themselves. In some brick and mortar casinos this option is offered. Although this isn’t a regular occurence, it’s still something that you won’t see in live dealer versions of the game.

Finally, there tends to be more variety for live dealer versions of Baccarat. This is because it’s much easier for software developers to create new versions of the game, whereas it takes up a lot of room to do this in a brick and mortar casino.

Differences between live Baccarat and normal online Baccarat

In terms of differences between live Baccarat and the regular online Baccarat, there isn’t a huge amount. A lot of the differences are superficial and don’t make a lot of difference to how the game plays. Firstly, with live dealer Baccarat it uses a real deck of cards that has been shuffled naturally. In online Baccarat it uses software to simulate a deck being shuffled. While this is completely fair some Canadian players just prefer a real deck to be used.

The second difference is the visuals. Visually live Baccarat just looks so much better than normal online Baccarat. Mainly because it’s taken directly from real life, but the cards look sharper and you can see every reaction on the dealer’s face.

Reasons to play live Baccarat

There are a lot of reasons to play live dealer Baccarat, but the main one is because it offers a realistic casino experience. If you enjoy playing Baccarat in real casinos, but are unable to visit on a regular basis, live dealer Baccarat offers the opportunity to do this without even having to leave your house. It really is the closest thing to real life you can get without actually going there.

Questions about live baccarat

  • Do I get to control the moves when playing Baccarat?

    No. The dealer carries out all of the instructions for both players. All you do is bet on which outcome you think will happen.

  • Is live Baccarat different to regular Baccarat?

    In terms of the rules of the game, no it’s not any different. However, the overall experience is different as you are able to see a real life dealer in place carrying out the game. It makes it closer to being in a real casino than regular Baccarat games.

  • Can I play live Baccarat at any time?

    As long as you have a high speed internet connection, yes you can. Live Baccarat tables are open 24 hours a day on a number of different studios tables.