Rumour: GTA5 to offer single and multiplayer casino games

Rumour: GTA5 to offer single and multiplayer casino games

KEEP your hands on the ignition and your foot on the pedal… because the next update of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 looks set to take the game into single player and multiplayer casino overdrive.

According to rumours floating around the internet, the next online casino downloadable content update of the famous franchise is likely to offer both gaming modes for a variety of casino classics: including blackjack, poker and a host of other gambling-themed mini-games.

It was back in March last year that rumours first began to circulate about an update to the popular online casino entertainment that was set to include a host of new mini-games. Among those in the rumour mill were the additions of: roulette, blackjack, poker, horse race betting and possibly even a lottery style system.

Now, though exact details remain unclear, it appears there is more substance to these rumours.

Earlier this month, a tipster named Funmw2 made a comment on the popular GTA forums regarding a FOS V4 capture dating back to 2013. According to the post, the capture was removed before his cash was taken for use as part of the casino game’s single player downloadable content.

Following that interesting message, another post appeared from the same user within the “Next Downloadable Content” thread. Here, the user revealed that a casino update will soon be made available: and that it will contain both multi-player and single-player downloadable content. The mystery user also suggested that three mini-games will be included in the initial update – slots, poker and blackjack.

So is this mysterious poster to be trusted? Certainly there appears to be enough traction to his words that a host of respected digital magazines have picked up on his reports.

It’s not just the Funmw2 post that has got people talking, however – there are several signs that a downloadable content release is forthcoming. Anyone who has played the existing version of the GTA5 game may have also noticed that there is a casino building included: and that it features a banner with the words “coming soon” written on it. This has been the case ever since the game’s initial release.

In an interview with iDigital Times, Shawn Fonteno, one of the voice actors from GTA5, appeared to hint that further content is on its way. However, another voice actor, Ned Luke, told the same publication this week that he knows nothing about the rumoured content.

Of course, there is no concrete evidence to verify the reports. However, if this speculation is accurate then it appears that the downloadable content GTA5 casino update is scheduled to be released in the first six months of this year.

Furthermore, should the rumours be verified and the casino-themed downloadable content be released, then it seems this ‘virtual’ gambling will be very much like the real thing. Anyone who dares to take on the online casino included in the GTA5 update will not be able to retrieve their money when it’s lost. So, as always with online casinos, the message is clear: gamble responsibly.