Ontario to Open up the iGaming Industry

Ontario to Open up the iGaming Industry

For the longest time, the rules on gambling in the province of Ontario calls for a highly restrictive online gambling industry. Yes, residents can participate in online gambling provided that the business is run and controlled by the government. This was the set-up in Ontario for the longest time and one that delivered both advantages and disadvantages. 


On one hand, you have a friendly gambling industry that allows its more than 15 million residents access to casino and gambling activities online. They can participate in many forms of gambling and the industry was fully controlled by the government. On the other hand, it’s a business that’s outside the reach of the private sector. Gambling online is primarily centered on, as operated by the province’s Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG). If you are a casino operator, you remain on the sidelines and just watch how the business grows and provide the services to Canadian players. 

Now, things are about to change in Ontario. From what we’ve gathered online, it seems that the local government is relaxing its hold on the iGaming industry. Just last week, it was announced that the new Tory government of the Province of Ontario has delivered its first budget, which promises to expand the gambling options of its residents. 

What to Expect from the New Plan?

Based on the casual reading of the Tories plan, it seems that the government is now stepping up its efforts to make the online gambling market more competitive to allow players and enthusiasts ‘more options’. The new plan calls for the participation of private operators, giving them the chance to apply for licenses to operate in the province. Well, this is not the first time that a Canadian province has planned to open up its gambling market. For a time, Quebec toyed with the idea but it never prospered.

In Ontario’s case, it seems that they are serious in the plans. The province plans to consult with insiders and stakeholders before they will establish a regulatory commission to ensure that the rules will reflect industry preferences. The consultation is also aimed at creating a more friendly and exciting online gambling environment where operators can compete and players are protected as well.

This budget also laid out the plans that will allow residents to but OLG lottery products using their mobile devices. Yes, its official gambling platform features a mobile app but it only allows casino games and does not specifically allow the sale of lottery tickets. Also, the plan and budget call for an improvement of the lottery terminals that are operated by OLG. Based on the budget, it seems that they are planning to introduce lottery terminals that will provide a more interactive and exciting gambling experience.

This plan will definitely change the way casino games and online gambling are delivered to residents. With a ‘more open’ online gambling industry, locals and enthusiasts can count on more choices and better opportunities for entertainment. Are you excited for this planned change in Ontario, Canada?