BCLC Closes Casinos As Part of a Comprehensive Pandemic Response

BCLC Closes Casinos As Part of a Comprehensive Pandemic Response

The Coronavirus disease (2019) is now a pandemic and a national health and emergency concern in many countries. Aside from the health effects, the pandemic is crippling many industries in different countries. One industry that’s suffering under the strain of the pandemic is the gambling industry of Canada. 


Due to the threats of the pandemic, the gambling operators and stakeholders have decided to impose interventions. A few days ago, the biggest operator of gambling halls in British Columbia has announced that all of its casinos, bingo halls, and gaming centers will close. In a statement released by the BC Lottery Corporation, their halls will officially close on Monday, 11:59 pm local time. This means that as of this posting, all gambling halls under the control of the BCLC are already close. This temporary closure of all gaming facilities in BC is based on the order from Attorney General David Eby as announced by Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer.


Putting public health and safety first


This move is just one of the many interventions put in place by many operators in different parts of the world. For BCLC, the order to temporarily close the facilities is part of their efforts to promote the health and well-being of its employees, stakeholders, and the communities where thee halls are located. Also, the decision to temporarily close the facilities is based on the informed recommendations by the Provincial Health Office. Before the release of the order, the different gambling halls in the provinces have already imposed changes in their operations in response to the growing pandemic. For example, some operators reduced their services. Furthermore, a few more halls recommended social distancing by turning off every second or third slot machine. And there are those halls that decided to completely stop all advertising related to gambling.


BCLC promises to open soon


Since this is only a temporary measure, players and enthusiasts can still count on the games and services offered by the halls. However, the management will only re-open the halls if the government released an order that it’s safe to open and continue with the operations. In the meantime, the BCLC expressed their thanks to its employees and service providers who contributed to keeping everyone safe.


Online casinos for Canadian players still open


In the face of temporary closures of physical casinos, Canadian customers willing to enjoy their leisure time can do so in online casinos. The leading online casinos for CA players are launching new games and promotions to keep customers happy. Mr Green and 888 Casino are two leading casinos that currently run exciting promotions and new games for its loyal players.


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