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Online Casino Apps

Online casino apps are a fun and convenient way to play your favourite games on the go, and they’re a bit different than the mobile version of online casinos that make their lobby available to players on their mobile device. Rather than pull open the web browser app and go to the online casino’s website, you click on the app itself instead. The immediate advantage is that you can play and bet with real money even when you don’t have an Internet connection, but there is more to consider than just that.

What Is a Casino App?

A casino app is just what it sounds like. A shopping app would be Amazon or eBay’s app, where its full catalogue isn’t just available from the app, Online casino appsbut the user experience flow is tailored specifically for the mobile device, making it far more intuitive than just visiting the website on the browser app. The same goes for streaming apps, rideshare, or whatever else, including a casino app (although they do not have a standard online casino counterpart, they are standalone virtual casinos.) It’s the fun of betting online with the features and design specifically crafted and optimized for mobile usage. You can find them in the app store like you would any other app as easy as typing “casino” into the search bar.

Are Casino Apps Legitimate?

One of the coolest parts about a casino app that you don’t get out of an online casino is the oversight of the Google or Apple app store moderators. The Internet is kind of like the Wild West, where anyone or any company can have a website, and it’s up to the individual to be careful about where they go. In these app stores, you can’t just release an app, there’s a vetting process to ensure the company is legitimate, as the stores themselves have a reputation to upload for their users. While the Google app store is more relaxed than Apple, they both would not allow an unlicensed, unregulated, scam of a casino app in their app store.

How Are They Different From a Standard Online Casino?

Honestly, casino apps are a lot more limited than a standard online casino. You won’t have as many options to choose from, and most of them are focused primarily — if not entirely — on Slots. And even if you’re a Slots-only player, you will still find more Slots at a Slots-focused online casino than you will on any app. Also, if you go to an online casino’s mobile site, you don’t have to actually download an app, so if you’re running low on space on your mobile device, an app might not be the best move. Still, both with an online casino and a casino app, players can bet money in the hopes of winning money without having to travel to a land-based casino. In that regard, they’re exactly the same.

What Is the Accessibility of These Apps?

Another difference from online casinos is the fact that casino apps can be blocked on two fronts. Firstly, it can be blocked in your region. You’ll have a lot easier time finding an online casino available to Canadian players than you will finding a casino app, and that’s just based on the pure number of options. We direct you to the best of the best right here so that you don’t have to do any searching yourself, and you don’t have to keep checking to see if the online casino is even available to your region. But the other reason an online casino app could be blocked is based on the type of mobile device you’re using. One casino app could be available to just Android users, but not Apple users, and vice versa. It’s just going to take some searching through the app store to see what’s available to you.

Take a look at the options and see if they fit your interest level before making a deposit, same with an online casino. The plus side to living in the modern day is all the different options. The downside is that you have to decide between them (though that’s not a bad problem to have.)



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