Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino

You know how the Internet kind of feels like it’s own world, a giant continent with no borders in which the users largely have control? That’s what Bitcoin is like, a singular currency that isn’t tied to a bank or a country. Instead, it’s independent digital money that fluctuates with a market controlled by individuals.

Bitcoin is a true modern-day exercise in capitalism. It's an alternative to physical currency that doesn’t need to be exchanged. It makes it a titillating prospect in the world of online casinos, where so many operators are located overseas and don’t offer Canadian dollars as a deposit, play in, or withdrawing option.

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How Do I Get Bitcoin?

Setting up an account with a Bitcoin wallet is way easier and faster than opening up a bank account, and it’s free. Not only that, but you can set up multiple accounts under different names and addresses, making Bitcoin virtually free. To get Bitcoin, you don’t need to be a computer wiz. Nor do you have to be a part of its checking and transparency (though the fact that those are options is great, as it doesn’t exist in traditional banking.) To get Bitcoin, you can go to sites like CoinBase, Localbitcoins, BitQuick, CoinCorner, and more. The maximum number of bitcoins that can exist are 21 million. You can buy fractions of a Bitcoin all the way down to one hundred millionth of a percentage.

Is There An Online Casino Bitcoin?

Yes! Some players even invest in Bitcoins specifically to use them at an online casino. And not only do they exist, Bitcoin casinos are a relatively new banking option in general, and very new to the online casino world. This means that online casinos are offering special bonuses specifically for players who want to play in Bitcoin. This is yet another reason bettors have taken a particular interest in this Internet sensation. It has only grown, and will continue to grow, at least that’s what the trend seems to indicate.

Here we are listing a few of the best bitcoin online casinos:



What Are Its Advantages?

Bitcoin casino sites offer increased security, privacy, and control over the currency. It's letting the market decide the value, not any interests or distribution goals. It also eliminates the need for exchange fees, membership fees, transfer fees, and so on. These are very attractive qualities in a banking method for online casino players.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

The safety when it comes to playing Bitcoin casino sites isn’t black and white, and the risks versus rewards should be considered in two folds. Using a crypto casino is safer than using a credit or debit card number. Because you just give the Bitcoin(s) and receive the product, whether it’s a physical item or an increase in your online Casino Canada bankroll. In this case, it’s safer. However, if you have a bank account and someone tries to charge your account or steal your money or compromises your personal information, your bank has measures in place to refund your money and chase down whoever infiltrated your account. With Bitcoin, you need a backup server, encrypted hard drive, and other safety measures, especially if you have a lot invested in the currency. If someone steals your Bitcoins, or they’re erased from your account because of a user error, that’s it. They’re gone.