How to cheat an online casino

How to cheat an online casino

We've all thought about it from time to time: "is it possible to cheat an online casino?" It doesn't mean that we'd ever do it if it were possible. It intrigue makes us ask the question with thousands of searches every month on Google and other search engines looking for "online casino cheats".

So is it possible to cheat an online casino or not, and what are the risks involved? We investigate.

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History of online casino cheats

Over time there have been several attempts to cheat at an online casino. Among the most well-known examples have seen hackers attempt to access remote gaming servers. Indeed there is one popular story about an online gamer who managed to hack into a certain online casino and manipulate the odds of one of its casino games in his favour.

The incident caused a huge storm among online casinos: and they responded accordingly. As a result, they introduced a host of security measures meant to avoid these issues in the future and today. Online casinos enjoy state-of-the-art security systems that include encryption to protect your personal details. They have also improved their detection and hacking systems: and as a result, there have been no repeat issues for more than a decade.

So if the hackers can’t do it any more… how can you?

If the most technologically savvy are struggling to find ways to cheat online casinos, then what chances does the average player have?

The most obvious attempt to find an online cheat is to seek out a weak casino bonus. It features terms and conditions that are not particularly clear or to look for loopholes in the contracts that can be abused. While this does still happen from time to time, the reality is that most online casinos now have very solid terms and conditions. This means that if issues arise they will work quickly to rectify these errors and slam the door shut on any potential cheats.

What if the online casino cheats you?

Another attempt being made by players to “trick the system” is to claim that online casinos are actually cheating the players. Some gamblers are taking screenshots – for example, showing a hand of cards – and then altering the image in a program like Photoshop. The screenshot is then sent across to the online casino as “proof” that the software denied them their winning pay-out.

However, these efforts are rarely successful. Online casinos now have sophisticated systems in place that allow them to check the same play: and they have access to all game transactions. These can be cross-checked to verify things such as the dice roll, the slot’s spin or the hand of the cards. As such, devious cheats are usually caught out very quickly.

Of course, if you are legitimately cheated then these systems can work in your favour. Just get in touch with the online casino and raise your complaint and it should be able to research and prove your allegation.

What about strategy bots?

One more method being employed by online casino cheats is to use strategy bots. They are able to play perfect blackjack: giving them a seemingly fool-proof method to cheat.

However, now online casinos have got ahead of even the most technologically savvy cheaters. They employ special algorithms which are meant to analyse playing patterns. On occasions when they see there is an anomaly they reserve the right to issue a ban from the casino and retain the winnings.

Online casino cheats: the online casinos are ahead of the game

It seems that no matter what method the online casino cheats attempt to employ, the online casinos are ahead of the game. Agreements that say they don’t need to pay-out when they suspect fraud. Good security checks; and technologically savvy systems mean that success for cheats is close to non-existent. For every cheat it seems there are already measures in place to prevent fraud in whatever form it may take.

So if you come across an advertisement online promising you a fool-proof way to cheat at an online casino... then don’t be fooled: chances are they just want to cheat YOU out of your money.