Online Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards

The best online casinos are the best because they cover all the preferences. They create a well-rounded gaming experience that can be loved no matter what your preferences are. That’s one of the main aspects of our ranking system. Since our team has a wide range of interests and styles, we feel that it’s crucial for online casino recommendations. To keep things fresh and provide a fun outlet for a break from your main games, several of our online casinos offer specialty games in the way of Scratch Cards. They aren’t just relaxing and easy entertainment, they can pay out really well.

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What Are Online Scratch Cards?

Most Canadians know what a scratch card is. In general, a small, sturdy piece of paper you can scratch off with a coin or a key to reveal symbol combinations in the hopes of winning. They’re a fun, casual, instant-win form of the lottery that doesn’t require waiting for numbers to be drawn and have a much higher likelihood of winning. The online casino Canada players now have access to scratch cards just like you’d find at a corner store. They are digital, more exciting, and all from the comfort of home. They’re virtually the same thing, only virtual, accessible, and conveniently located amongst other casino favourites.

How Do They Work?

The game couldn’t be easier, as it is based purely on luck. You simply choose the scratch card that strikes your fancy, and you’re pretty much ready to go. Set the value of the card, which can be as little as a $.25 to as high as $25 or more, and just like with any casino game, the higher the bet, the more you stand to win. Once you decide on the card value, you press the play button, and the different parts of the scratch card are hidden. You can choose to scratch out each space one-by-one, which can be fun and really gives the feel of the physical version of the game. Otherwise you can just click the button to reveal them all. If the symbols match up according to the rules of the game, you win that payout. If not, you can choose to simply play again and choose the same or a different card value. You’ll find specialty additional combinations like multipliers, wild symbols, and automatic win symbols, among others. They come in a wide variety of forms as well, from basic two-dimensional scratchers to 3D options that are strikingly advanced for an otherwise casual game.

Where Do I Find Them?

Whether or not an online casino lobby houses scratch cards will be pretty easy to determine by going to their specialty games section and seeing if they have it. In some cases, they may be in the download version of the lobby instead of the flash, or may have fewer options in the flash version. It will also come down to the software company that powers their games. Some of the more notable scratch card creators include Microgaming . With the likes of Mumbai Magic, Pharaoh’s Gems, and Slam Funk, as well as NetEnt, who have released Triple Wins Start Ticket, 7 Gold Scratch, and Ace, and both have plenty more to choose from. Betsoft has one of our personal favourites, Skratcherz, which we’ve had some good luck on.