Creditcards at an online casino

Creditcards at an online casino

Chances are if you have ever bought anything online then you have done so using a credit card – whether that has been a VISA or MasterCard. Credit cards are used so commonly in part because they can be used at millions of sales points around the world. This regardless of whether you want to make a payment at a website or even withdraw money at an ATM.

However, are credit cards the right choice for an online casino? We investigate.

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Credit card payments at online casinos

Regardless of whether you have a VISA or MasterCard, credit card deposits at online casinos will follow a set procedure. All you need to do is log on to the website you have chosen and select the credit card payment method of your choice. Fill in your card details as instructed and indicate the amount of money you wish to deposit, before clicking “confirm”. This money should be instantly ready to use within your online casino account.

Bear in mind however, that there will be fees charged by online casinos for using a VISA or MasterCard. The extent of these fees will vary dependent on the casino you use – it can typically range from two-three per cent for every deposit you make.

Meanwhile, even though the money will usually appear in the online casino account straight away, bear in mind that it can take three-five days for this money to be removed from the associated bank account.

What about withdrawals using a credit card?

Withdrawals at an online casino will usually follow the same method as deposits when you are using an online casino. Just simply enter your details and follow the instructions on-screen.

However, bear in mind that there may be restrictions placed by the online casino. Many do not allow credit card withdrawals and those that do will usually insist that you have made a deposit from the same card. There will also be fees applied by the casino for using this method and processing times can be from three-seven days.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards at online casinos?

Perhaps the main advantages of using VISA and MasterCard at online casinos are that deposits are straightforward and fast. The payments are usually instant. Some people may see it as an advantage that there is no money directly on the funding account. With a credit card you’re basically using a loan that has to be paid off after a certain period of time.

On the downside however, it’s easy to lose track of your spending with a credit card. This can lead to over spending. There are fees associated with payments and withdrawals. You must be very careful with your data and personal information as they could be misused by third parties.