Instadebit at an online casino

Instadebit at an online casino

One of the many e-wallet payment options available online, Instadebit has long been a popular choice. As a platform that can be used to carry out online payments. Accepted in around 30 countries, Instadebit is already used by online payment websites and by a host of web merchants. But is it the right method for use at an online casino? We investigate.

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How can you use Instadebit at an online casino?

If you wish to use Instadebit then the first step is to subscribe to the service and open an account. This is actually straightforward – you should simply enter your personal data, provide an email address, as well as the details of the financial institution or bank that can be used to make payments. The registration process is simple and your account should be available to use almost immediately.

Anyone who wants to make an Instadebit payment can do so by making a bank transfer. This can have a processing time from three-five days – or an instant transfer, which is usually processed instantly. You can also receive funds from web merchants when you use an Instadebit account.

The process that needs to be followed could not be simpler. A customer should just choose Instadebit as a payment option. Then a pop-up window will appear asking for the log-in details to the relevant Instadebit account. A customer will need to enter these details and then confirm the information about the payment. Instadebit then carries out the payment instantly and the merchant should confirm the payment with the customer or deliver the service that has been paid for.

What about deposits and withdrawals using an Instadebit account?

When talking specifically about deposits at online casinos, Instadebit is relatively easy to use as payments are made in the same way as other online payments using the service. Just go to the cashier page at the casino and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Then opt for Instadebit, log in to your account and check the appropriate details before hitting “confirm”.

Meanwhile, if you wish to make withdrawals this can be done in the same way. Just enter the amount you wish to cash out on the withdrawal page and choose Instadebit as your preferred method.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Instadebit at an online casino?

There are several advantages and disadvantages to consider when using Instadebit at an online casino.

The advantages include the fact that payments are instant, anonymous, free and relatively safe. However, disadvantages include the need to sign up for the service. Furthermore the fact that Instadebit is not available in all casinos, or, indeed in all countries.