Interac is an online payment method that will be instantly recognizable to Canadian players. As a Canadian company it has a lot of coverage within the country. Interac essentially works as the debit card system with the whole of Canada. This means that it has a lot of banking from financial institutions, particularly banks, and has a lot of finance behind it. It’s one of the biggest payment underwriters in the whole of Canada and has almost 60,000 ATMs on offer within the country. So, what exactly does Interac offer to Canadian players?

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What does Interac offer?

Interac mainly offers the ability to make payments and withdrawals using debit cards. This is essential for Canadian players when it comes to using online casinos. Especially in the past when a debit card was the only option available. However, times have changed and players have a lot more choice available to them in the modern world.

Interac haven’t remained at the top of the game in Canada for so long without having some business smarts though. When the company saw that other payment options were starting to be offered to players, it decided to move into the same realm. This led to the Interac e-transfer service. This allows a transfer to be made over the internet almost instantly, as long as the person receiving the transfer has a bank account and an e-mail address. It is one of the most popular payment methods available to Canadian players and gives a fast transfer speed.

Signing up with Interac

Signing up to Interac is quite easy for players to do. Before you sign up though, it’s important to check to make sure that the casino you want to play at allows Interac as a payment method. While any Canadian based online casinos will most likely offer Interac, some that are based in Europe or elsewhere might not cover it.

Once you have confirmed you can use Interac it’s just a case of registering with Interac using your bank account and email address. Once you have done this you will be able to link the Interac account with your online casino account. Some online casinos will require checks to make sure that the Interac account matches up to the details you have provided the casino. So it’s important to use your real name in order to use Interac or an online casino.

As soon as everything has been verified and you have registered, you will be able to use Interac to make deposits and withdrawals to your online casino account.


The first main positive is that Interac is the biggest debit card company in Canada. This means that in terms of financial backing and fraud protection it is a market leader. You don’t have to worry about your money not being safe when using Interac. It has a lot of security protocols in place to ensure customers are protected.

The second is that it’s just easy to use. As long as you have a bank account then you can easily link up your Interac account to your online casino. It doesn’t take long to do and the payments are also processed at a fast pace. For Canadian players, Interac is without a doubt the most convenient way to pay.

Finally, you can use it for other things too. A huge number of businesses, both online and brick and mortar, allow Interac to be used as a payment method. If you have an Interac account it’s opening up a wide range of different choices for you.


Despite the security that’s in place at Interac, it is still vulnerable to human error. This means that if you click the wrong link, you could be vulnerable to a phishing scam. However, this is the case for most payment methods and is the reason why you should always be extra careful when paying online.

How safe is your information?

Interac uses a huge number of security protocols to keep its customer safe. With SSL certification, additional encryption and two factor verification there are lots of barriers in the way of fraud. As long as you carry out the processes that Interac recommends you do, your money should always be safe when you are using Interac.

Should you use Interac?

This is something you need to look at yourself. There are plenty of payment methods available on the market, each with their own unique positives and negatives. However, for Canadian players Interac is certainly one of the market leaders. As a Canadian company it is geared towards providing a high quality of service to Canadian players. If your online casino accepts Interac as a payment method then you should definitely consider using it.

Questions about Interac

  • Do I need to open an Interac account to use it?

    Yes. As is the case with most online payment methods you require an account to be able to use it. It will also need some form of finance before you will be able to use it too. For Interac this means you need to link up your bank account.

  • Can I withdraw more than I deposited when using Interac?

    It completely depends on your circumstances. If you have won big when playing at the online casino then yes, you can make a bigger withdrawal than your deposit. However, if your account doesn’t allow this then you won’t be able to.

  • Can I use Canadian Dollars with Interac?

    You most definitely can. Interac is a Canadian company, as such the most common currency that it utilizes is the Canadian Dollar.