Skrill at an online casino

Skrill at an online casino

With more than 36million clients around the world and a service that is available in 200 countries, Skrill has emerged as one of the leading methods of making payments and withdrawals at online casinos. Originally known as Moneybookers, this UK-based firm now offers payments in 40 currencies and is accepted on internet payment websites around the world.

However, should you consider Skrill as your preferred method when using an online casino? We investigate.

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How can you use Skrill at an online casino?

Opening a Skrill account is relatively straightforward as it is free and can usually be done in less than five minutes. The service is available to anyone with a valid email address and can then be used for instant payments, withdrawals and purchases.

There are different fees charged by Skrill for its services. Financial transactions are always anonymous with no information given to the recipient of the payment.

When you have a Skrill account you can use it for payments at online casino by following the e-wallet option. There you will be asked to provide the email address that you use with your Skrill account and the deposit amount. If the currency used by the online casino is different from the currency you use with your Skrill account then you will normally need to enter that too. Usually, money is transferred into your account instantly.

Meanwhile, withdrawals with Skrill usually follow the same method and are carried out in an instant with no fees required.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of Skrill at an online casino?

There are many advantages to using Skrill for both deposits and withdrawals at an online casino. For example, with Skrill transactions are instant and payments are anonymous. Payments are usually made without additional fees. The procedure is easy to follow; and the transactions are relatively safe.

Meanwhile, perhaps the most difficult part of using Skrill is the registration process which can take a while. Bear in mind that you will need to supply your banking details and personal data. You will need to keep your Skrill account charged with money if you wish to make payments. Otherwise however, Skrill is relatively easy to use and there are not many disadvantages to the service. It is also widely used at online casinos and is considered one of the safest methods of making transactions online.