How to close your online casino account

How to close your online casino account

When it comes to closing an online casino account there are actually a number of factors to take into account. The first is the reasons behind why you want to close. Depending on the reason there might be different methods that you use to close your account. The second main factor is which online casino that you are playing at. Lots of online casinos have different methods in place when it comes to closing down your account. This guide is to help Canadian players when it comes to the reasoning behind closing your account and how to go about it. We cover everything that you will need to know to close your online casino account.

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Why close your account?

There are actually two reasons in place that might lead to Canadian players wanting to close their online casino account. The first is probably less common, but is the most serious of the two reasons. This is if a player feels that they are developing a gambling problem. In this case a player will have a specific set of instructions to carry out in order to make sure that they close their account down properly.

The second is a more common occurrence for Canadian players. This is when a player has moved onto a new casino to play at. Here if they prefer the new casino then the player might decide to close down their original account in order to focus on playing at the new casino.

Both of these reasons have different methods associated with closing an online casino account. This is because there are different ways that players can protect themselves when struggling with a gambling problem as opposed to just wanting to start playing at a new online casino. We will cover both options to ensure that Canadian players are fully aware of what is available to them.

Closing your account if you have a gambling problem

Having a gambling problem isn’t always the desperate situation that the media makes it out to be. It can be something as small as placing a few more bets than you intended. However, if you notice this is happening more often then you might be on your way to something more serious. It’s at this point that you might feel the best choice is for your online gambling accounts to be closed down. The process of doing this when you think you have the beginnings of a problem is called self exclusion.

In order to self exclude there will usually be an option included in the profile page of your online casino account. Here you will be able to stop yourself from playing with your online casino account. It’s usually for a set period of time, at least six weeks. There is also a network that is being set up to ensure that all online casinos are linked and you won’t be able to set up an account with anyone else during this time either. It makes it much harder for you to place a wager and helps you to get a handle on your problem before it gets out of control.

Closing your account if you want to play somewhere else

This is a much more common reason to want to close your account. If you have found a new online casino, and in Canada there is a lot of choice available to players, then you might want to close up your other online casino accounts so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. There are usually two ways that this can be done. It all depends on the options that are available at your chosen online casino.

The first is through the profile page of your online casino account. In here you will see an option to close down your account. Once you have chosen this option you will usually receive an email in which you can confirm that you do indeed want to close your account. Any money that is left in your account will then be withdrawn to your chosen payment method. This is usually the easiest way to close down your online casino account, however it’s also not quite as common as the second method.

The second method is a much more common way to close down your online casino account. This involves putting it in writing to your online casino, either with a letter or via email, that you want to close your account. You will then have to wait a set period of time, usually around two weeks, for your account to be closed. During this time you will still be able to access the site and use all of the features that are available.

What both methods of closure have in common is that most online casinos leave it open for players to set up their account again. It’s usually just a simple case of getting in touch with the online casino and your account can be up and running again in no time at all. It’s very different to self exclusion, which doesn’t allow you to have an account again until the specified time period has run its course.

Questions about closing your account

  • Is your account closed forever once you close it?

    This all depends on how you close it. If you close it using the self exclusion methods then you might never be able to get your account back. However, a regular account closure will usually allow you top reopen your account at a later date.

  • Can I close my account at any time?

    You can make the decision to close your account at any time, but there is sometimes a grace period where your account will remain open for a short while before it closes properly. This is to allow you to cash out any remaining bets and withdraw any cash from your account.

  • Can I close an account after opening it again?

    You can. If you have an open account then you are able to close the account at any time you like.