Online casino referral bonus

Online casino referral bonus

There are many different types of bonuses available at online casinos: but one of the most common and popular is the referral bonus, also known as a refer-a-friend bonus.

Referral bonuses are an online casino’s attempt to broaden its consumer base while rewarding their loyal players for “spreading the word” about the quality of its product. They earn a new customer, and you, in turn, pick up a nice reward.

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Did online casinos invent referral bonuses?

Of course, online casinos are not the only ones that offer refer-a-friend bonuses and they certainly didn’t invent the concept. In fact, you’re likely to see examples of referral bonuses all around you. For example, an apartment complex may offer you money back on your rent if you are able to refer-a-friend for another apartment in the same building; while gyms regularly give their members incentives to talk their friends into joining them.

However, perhaps online casinos do it best – because with a refer-a-friend bonus you are able to use the casino’s money to gamble, instead of risking your own cash.

What level of referral bonus can you expect?

Referral bonuses differ widely between online casinos so it’s worth keeping your eyes open to see which site offers the best deal. Typically, bonuses are set at around $50 per person: however, they can potentially be as high as $100 or more. However, crucially, you must ensure you follow the strict rules that accompany the referral bonus very carefully: failure to comply could be costly.

What are the catches with referral bonuses?

Perhaps the most obvious catch with a refer-a-friend bonus at an online casino is that your friend must actually make a deposit. This is the casino’s way of ensuring you don’t just ask lots of your friends to sign up for an account that they have no intention of using.

In addition, most sites will require your friends to use a certain ID code for referrals – so make sure they actually enter this during the sign-up process or there will be no evidence of your referral. In some cases, sites also carry an additional wagering requirement: while others will just need a first deposit to release the bonus.

Remember to check all the terms and conditions thoroughly, too. While referral bonuses are generally easy to follow, every site will have its own terms – usually with strict steps to follow. So make sure you are following them carefully so you get your cash. Failure to do so can lead to a great deal of frustration with a lot of friends signed up and no bonus to show for your efforts: so, if necessary, ask a member of the site’s support team to guide you if there is anything you are unsure of.