Burning desire slots game

Burning desire slots game

We’ll admit it: Burning Desire looks like just another casino slots game. However, scratch beneath the surface and you’ll quickly realise that there is much more to this online casino slot than meets the eye and there are good reasons why this has become such a popular offering.

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Where has Burning Desire slots come from?

Burning Desire certainly has a winning pedigree: it’s another game from the masterminds at Microgaming, one of the most popular online casino game software designers on the planet.

What makes Burning Desire slots special?

As we said, Burning Desire looks very much like an average classic Vegas slots game, especially as it uses the traditional bells and bars alongside the A, 7, K, Q, J, 9 and 10 symbols. However, this is definitely a mobile slots game because it offers mobile graphics that come alive with the wild and scatter symbols. So effectively you are getting the best of both worlds – something that will appeal to the classic slots player, but that offers just a little more on top too.

What are the special features of Burning Desire?

You might be wondering where the Burning Desire name itself comes from? Well, the idea is that this slots game actually has a “burning desire” to fill your pockets with cash. It was actually the first mobile slots game to offer 243 ways to win with winning combinations possible from any symbols that are adjacent from left to right: and in any position. So it’s easy to see when you win and you have a lot of opportunities to do so. In addition, it boasts a maximum jackpot of 90,000 which should have plenty of appeal to high rollers.

Of course, Burning Desire also includes a bundle of great features, such as:

- Wild symbol: The idea of the wild symbol is straightforward. It can be used to substitute a host of symbols and potentially double your winnings. It is actually possibly to pick up 30,000 coins just with wild symbols.

- Scatter and free spins: Look out for the gold burning coin. This will act as the scatter symbol and works as a multiplier. When you get three or more you are able to enjoy up to 15 free spins and the potential to see your winnings trebled. It is also possible for free spins to be triggered on several occasions so you could actually earn much more than 15 free spins.

- Gamble: One of the simplest gambling features of any online casino slots game, this just gives you the opportunity to choose between card colours – black or red. You could double your winnings.

Perhaps the underlying appeal of the Burning Desire slots game is that it is good for both experts and beginners. It has low volatility, keeps graphics simple and still offers a wide betting line-up.