Jack Hammer slot

Jack Hammer slot

There are many popular online casino slots games… however, few can compete with the dominance of Jack Hammer slots. After all, Jack Hammer is one of the very few games that has actually been offered by multiple online casino providers.

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Where did Jack Hammer slots begin?

The Jack Hammer game was originally introduced by Net Entertainment back in 2012. It was a huge success from launch, largely because it offers so many awards and prizes rather than just small offerings. As such, it becomes highly enjoyable because every player knows that they have the chance to win big at any time.

It is possible to play Jack Hammer for free for as long as you want. This free game experience gives players the chance to see how the game works and become acquainted with its various features; while also enjoying pay-outs at the same level as those experienced in the real game. So there has been no manipulation of the game for the free version to encourage you to play.

So what are the key features of Jack Hammer?

Jack Hammer is built like a comic book and carries a number of key features that are vital for game play:

- Free spins: To pick up a free spin on Jack Hammer you must find five or more free spin symbols, which can appear at any time – potentially one after the other. When a free spin is activated you are rewarded with a minimum of 10 spins; and if you score more symbols you could potentially win as many as 30 free spins. With this mode you have the potential to pick up the largest volume of wins.

- Slot Coin Value: With the Jack Hammer slot there are 25 win lines – making it a highly interesting method of game play because there are so many winning combinations available.

- Value and symbols: Each symbol on the game represents a different value with the ones that are least common offering the greatest prizes. For the biggest prizes on the game, look for the Jack Hammer symbols. If every symbol is a Jack Hammer symbol then you have the potential to pick up thousands of coins.

- Sticky win: Perhaps the most popular feature of the Jack Hammer slots game is the sticky win. This is achieved when a winning combination drops and reveals a prize. This means that all of the reels can be spun again except for the winning combination: so your prize has the potential to get even bigger.

There are many wonderful features to Jack Hammer, but perhaps the sticky win, being so unique, is the reason why this slot game has become so widely loved.